Bisons can't find a win on road trip
Monday, March 9, 2009
Bisons can't find a win on road trip
The Bisons finished out their weekend road trip in Spartanburg, S.C., in a non-conference matchup against Wofford College.

The Bisons lost 6-0.

The Bisons began the match losing their doubles advantage.

Daniel Hangstefer and Mario Hernandez played a close match against Stuart Roberson and Danny Manlow. Hangstefer and Hernandez lost 8-6.

The Bisons will continue their season on Wednesday against IPFW at home in Nashville at 4 p.m. The location is to be announced.


1. Daniel Hangstefer / Mario Hernandez vs. Stuart Roberson / Danny Manlow (Woff 8-6)

2. James Murrell / Chad Pierron vs. Alan Donald / Paul Bartholomy (Woff 8-4)

3. Bruno Melibeu / Andy Mizell vs. Tinus van Wyk / Scott Collins (Woff 8-1)


1. Daniel Hangstefer vs. Stuart Roberson (Woff 6-1, 6-3)

2. Joshua Cummings vs. Scott Collins (Woff 6-1, 6-1)

3. Bruno Melibeu vs. Danny Manlow (No result)

4. Chad Pierron vs. Alan Donald (Woff 6-4, 6-4)

5. James Murrell vs. Paul Bartholomy (Woff 6-1, 6-3)

6. Mario Hernandez vs. Michael Schecter (Woff 8-4)