Bisons tennis team loses close match with WKU
Monday, February 15, 2010
Bisons tennis team loses close match with WKU
The Bisons traveled to Western Kentucky Saturday afternoon. After a long and hard fought match, the Bisons fell 4-3.

Three close doubles matches were played, but the Bisons came up short, losing the doubles point.

Mario Hernandez and Daniel Hangstefer lost at No. 1 doubles to Krug and Craig 7-9.

After a tough loss at No. 1, the No. 2 doubles pair of James Murrell and Chad Pierron defeated opponents Saine and Swanson 8-5, giving the Bisons a chance at the doubles point.

However, at No. 3 Tanner Brown and Colby Shaw came up just short of a victory, falling to Martin and Gangadarahi 7-9.

Down 0-1 in the match and having fought some difficult doubles matches, the Bisons entered into singles play.

Hangstefer dropped No. 1 singles to Krug 4-6, 4-6.

Falling behind 0-2, Pierron rallied a win at No. 2 with a win over Martin 6-2, 6-3 to bring the Bisons to a 1-2 match score.

At No. 3, Selvan defeated Murrell 6-3, 6-1, lengthening the gap to a 3-1 lead for Western Kentucky.

Hernandez was just shy of a victory, falling to Gangadarahi 4-6, 6-7 (5).

The Bisons bottom of the line up fought back to make it a closer match.

Brown defeated Freeman 6-4, 6-4 at No. 5, and Cummings cruised to a 6-1, 6-3 win over Whitmer at No. 6.

The Bisons’ next match will be at home against Campbell on March 5.



1. Krug/Craig (WKU) def. Hernandez/Hangstefer (LU) 9-7

2. Pierron/Murrell (LU) def. Saine/Swanson (WKU) 8-5

3. Martin/Gangadarahi def. Brown/Shaw (LU) 9-7


1. Krug (WKU) def. Hangstefer (LU) 6-4, 6-4

2. Pierron (LU) def. Martin (WKU) 6-2, 6-3

3. Selvan (WKU) def. Murrell (LU) 6-3, 6-1

4. Gangadarahi (WKU) def. Hernandez (LU) 6-4, 7-6 (5)

5. Brown (LU) def. Freeman (WKU) 6-4, 6-4

6. Cummings (LU) def. Whitmer (WKU) 6-1, 6-3

Written by Ashlan Williams, student sports information assistant