Men's tennis defeats UNA for first win of the season
Sunday, February 9, 2014
By Shilpa Naruka
Men's tennis defeats UNA for first win of the season

NASHVILLE, Tenn.- Lipscomb men’s tennis downed North Alabama 6-1 Saturday night inside the Richmond Tennis Club. The Bisons improved to 1-1 on the season with their victory, which was just the second match of the season.

“I am proud of the guys in how they fought tonight,” said head coach Mario Hernandez.

The Bisons played with only five players but still bagged the victory against.

Stuart Tierney and Miguel Cortez won their doubles match against Guillaume Dechoz and Aliaksei Kavalenka in a close fight by a score of 6-5 (3).

“In doubles, Miguel and I got together again and we did a good job at communicating with one another and moving on the court,” said Tierney. “We still have to improve on a few things, but it was a good first match and first win.”

Senior David Salazar and freshman Rob Mitchell defeated the pair of Benjamin Poire and Max Druppel 6-4 to win the doubles point for Lipscomb.

In singles play, the Bisons recorded wins at all positions with only five players in the lineup.

“We have been emphasizing all week that we need to come out right from the start with good energy and fight to impose ourselves,” said Hernandez.

Tierney playing at No. 2, defeated Poire in straight sets (6-1, 6-3).

“We supported one another throughout every point, in a respectful yet encouraging way,” said Tierney. “It was great to see everyone trying their hardest in all aspects tonight.”

David Salazar at No.1 and Cortez at No. 4 also won their respective singles matches.

Freshman Rob Mitchell led the first set 6-4 and closed out the match in the second set with ease, defeating Druppel 6-0.

“I played well today,” Mitchell said. “I felt I got off to a good start and then it got tight, but I managed to pull through to get the first set. After that, I relaxed and played a really aggressive second set.”.

Lipscomb’s Nacor Ibanez, from Spain, played at No. 6 and fought to win a tough tiebreaker over Ali Murad 3-6, 6-1, (10-8)

“There is no time to work into the match,” said Hernandez. “You have to come out ready to go.”

The Bisons will be in action at Vanderbilt Sunday. The match is set to begin at 5p.m.





  1. David Salazar (LU) def. Guillaume Dechoz (UNA) 6-3,6-5
  2. Stuart Tierney (LU) def. Benjamin Poire (UNA) 6-1, 6-3
  3. Rob Mitchell (LU) def. Max Druppel (UNA) 6-4,6-0
  4. Miguel Cortez (LU) def. Aliaksei Kavalenka (UNA) 6-4,6-3
  5. Nacor Ibanez (LU) def. Ali Murad (UNA) 3-6, 6-1, (10-8)



  1. Stuart Tierney / Miguel. Cortez (LU) def. Dechoz/ Kavalenka (UNA) 6-5 (3)
  2. David Salazar/Robert Mitchell (LU) def. Poire/ Druppel (UNA) 6-4