Men's tennis launches first day of practice
Tuesday, August 26, 2014
By Todd Lamberth
Men's tennis launches first day of practice

NASHVILLE, Tenn. - The first day of practice can be filled with nervous tension for coaches of any sport, but it helps when the first day doesn’t feel like the first day.

That’s exactly how Lipscomb head tennis coach Mario Hernandez felt after his Bisons took the court for the first practice of the season. 

“This was our first in season practice but we had off season training during the first week of school and the guys have been hitting on their own,” Hernandez said. “So it didn't feel like a first day.”

Hernandez, entering his second year at the Bisons helm, hopes to build on the two conference wins from a year ago. Hernandez wants his players to set a high standard of professionalism every time they step on the court. Also, they will practice that professionalism off the court in their training. 

Jon Flinn, strength and conditioning coach, worked the guys hard in off court training last week.

They started practice Monday afternoon by watching videos of professionals training so players could get a feel for what will be expected of them. 

The Bisons are expecting to have three players come in before the spring season gets started. The players who are currently on campus and training will be expected to be an example to newcomers and show them what Hernandez and his staff expect. The quicker new players understand what is expected of them, the quicker the team can see the success build. 

“Our goal is that within these next few weeks, the professionalism is established when it comes to on court training, off court training, and rehabilitation of the body,” Hernandez said, “so that the culture is established to the point where when freshmen or transfers come into the program.  They realize quickly there is a certain way and standard to which we do things and they, not us, need to adjust to it so that the team benefits.”