Men's tennis playing in Louisville tournament
Thursday, October 29, 2015
By Todd Lamberth
Men's tennis playing in Louisville tournament

LOUISVILLE, Ky. - The Lipscomb men’s tennis team travels to Louisville this weekend to compete in the Louisville Invitational.

Play begins on Friday and runs through Sunday. The invitational will consist of a doubles and singles tournament comprised of players from fourteen schools, including Kentucky, MTSU, APSU and Purdue.

The Bisons have steadily increased their competition throughout the fall schedule and will be challenged.

“We specifically wanted to schedule it so we had competition toward the end of the semester,” head coach Mario Hernandez said. “That’s close to the start of our season and we wanted our guys to be tested at that time.”

The Bisons faced tough teams last spring and throughout the fall. Now that they’ve seen that level of competition, Hernandez wants to start focusing on beating those teams.

“We’ve become more accustomed to that level,” Hernandez said. “Now is the time where we start applying the lessons we’ve learned from those matches and start applying them where we can start upsetting those guys.

“We didn’t have big enough expectations on ourselves. We’re playing well. We’ve been getting better in every aspect so now is the time to really show it.”

Hernandez doesn’t just want his guys to go play for the sake of playing; he’s looking for them to improve with every match.

“We’re not going in for experience, we’ve got enough of that,” Hernandez said. “The expectation is to keep improving on what we’ve been working on: perfecting their identity, perfecting their game and really basing it around their strengths.”

The tournaments feature three flights where every Bison will be in action in singles play and the Bisons will send four teams into doubles action.