Chastain breaks 42-year old school record
Saturday, February 13, 2010
Chastain breaks 42-year old school record
Ryan Chastain continued his incredible indoor season with two second place finishes at the Hoosier Hills Invite at Indiana University Friday night. Both finishes were also new Lipscomb University indoor track records.

In the men’s mile Ryan broke the oldest record on the books for Lipscomb Indoor Track at the current distances. Ryan’s time of 4:11.31 surpassed Lipscomb legend Andy Russell’s mark of 4:12.34, set in 1968.

Later in the day Chastain also took the men’s 3000m record from Nathan Brame. Nathan’s time of 8:56.72 was set last year. Ryan led four Lipscomb men under that time, posting his personal best for indoor or outdoor track of 8:29.97.

“There’s no question Ryan is having a great season and is really leading the way for the program this year,” head coach Bill Taylor said. “His performances are setting the tone for the whole team, raising the level at which we compete and are inspiring the men’s and women’s teams, from sprints and jumps to throws to distance.

“The mile record is probably the most prestigious record a distance athlete can get. Even though the full mile is only really run indoors in this era, it is still the Cadillac of distance events. I know it is a huge honor for Ryan to beat a Lipscomb legend in Andy Russell.”

Since races are now measured in meters rather than yards records are sometimes difficult to determine in certain events.

“The tough thing has been that a lot of the distances that used to be raced, are no longer raced in this era,” Taylor said. “Lipscomb has some very strong records from the 60s and 70s. We have retired all the records that are in yards. They are still on the books and hopefully will be posted on the website some day soon, but we compete in meters for all races except the mile now. So the mile is one of the few straight up comparisons we have for indoor track. "

Ryan also picked up a school record in the 3000m, dropping about 26 seconds off the previous record.

“If you compare his time to Russell’s 8:54.4 two-mile, Russell’s two-mile is a stronger record,” Taylor said. “Unfortunately it is doubtful anyone at Lipscomb will ever race a two-mile again. On the other side, Andy Russell and all the athletes of those incredible years in the late 60s and early 70s at Lipscomb will always be remembered.

“Like I said though, Ryan is very honored to have the mile record now. It was an exciting day in the continued resurgence of this program and huge in our development at the NCAA Division I level.”

Chastain wasn’t the only Lipscomb athlete to take down a school record. In all, 11 school records were set on the University of Indiana’s 200m banked track.

In the women’s mile Amanda Twigg broke the Lipscomb Indoor record, posting a time of 5:10.29. That time bettered current teammate Jenny Randolph’s school record set last year.

Other school records set at Indiana on Friday: Sara Stephens 400m 58.77, Women’s 4x400m Relay of Anika Piorkowski, Valerie Winkler, Amanda Twigg and Sara Stephens 4:06.89, Sara Stephens 600m 1:37.48, Xavier Conley 60m 7.08, Bobby Bassett 200m 22.48, Bobby Bassett 400m 49.36, Steven Mason 600m 1:26.48, Men’s 4x400m Relay of Mike Knox, Ryan Powell, Brock Lutes and Bobby Bassett 3:22.93.

“We’ve had a very good indoor season even though we train through it and our training and mental focus is more on outdoor track,” Taylor said. “The A-Sun Indoor Championships are in two weeks and we will see how things go there. I expect it to be our best A-Sun meet since moving to NCAA Division I. The teams are enjoying what we are doing on the track and off the track and are motivated to have fun and do well at the A-Sun and through the outdoor season.”

The A-Sun Indoor Track & Field Championships are Feb. 26-27 in Johnson City, Tenn.


60m: Taylor Mason 9.39

200m: Anika Piorkowski 27.00, Taylor Mason 31.23

400m: Sara Stephens 58.77, Anika Piorkowski 62.01, Valerie Winkler 63.06

600m: Sara Stephens 1:37.48, Amanda Twigg 1:37.49, Laura Stewart 1:51.89

Mile: Amanda Twigg 5:10.29, Priya Pappu 5:15.88, Caitlin Anderson 5:24.36, Jenny Randolph 5:24.40, Meredith McFarlin 5:25.89, Shelby Marvel 5:29.39, Catherine Beals 5:29.71, Louisa Van Batavia 5:46.47, Laura Stewart 5:49.07

3000m: (many of the Lipscomb runners stopped a lap short, stood for about 10-20 seconds before being told they had another 200m lap) Jenny Randolph 10:49.81, Caitlin Anderson 10:52.52, Priya Pappu 10:54.15, Catherine Beals 11:05.05, Shelby Marvel 11:16.06

4x400m Relay: Anika Piorkowski, Valerie Winkler, Amanda Twigg, Sara Stephens 4:06.89

Shot Put: Taylor Mason 9.69m, Jessi Marshall 8.23m

Weight Throw: Taylor Mason 9.52m


60m: Xavier Conley 7.08, Burton Elrod 7.24, Mike Knox 7.27

200m: Bobby Bassett 22.48, Xavier Conley 22.83, Burton Elrod 23.10, Ryan Powell 23.74

400m: Bobby Bassett 49.36, Mike Knox 51.89, Ryan Powell 52.39, Brock Lutes 52.90

600m: Steven Mason 1:26.48, Paul Wright 1:27.21, Aaron Todd 1:27.58, Andrew Shankles 1:34.38

800m: Andrew Jones 1:57.21, Ben Fennell 2:00.94, Andrew Shankles 2:01.54, Ashton Fisher 2:03.00

Mile: Ryan Chastain 4:11.31, Isaiah Greer 4:21.93, Mike Yang 4:29.66, Benton Reed 4:33.46, Trace Carlson 4:35.79, Aaron Todd 4:36.47, Hunter Hethcoat 4:37.05, Cormac Carolan 4:37.54, Chad Martin 4:37.55, Jared Carlson 4:39.41, Jonathan Williams 4:41.95, Jeff Hoover 4:52.29, Ben Wright 4:54.09

3000m: Ryan Chastain 8:29.97, Benton Reed 8:50.79, Isaiah Greer 8:55.53, Jeff Musick 8:55.94, Mike Yang 9:01.15, Chad Martin 9:08.93, Cormac Carolan 9:11.52, Ashton Fisher 9:12.18, Hunter Hethcoat 9:12.45, Jeff Hoover 9:16.92, Jonathan Williams 9:23.00, Trace Carlson 9:34.74, Jared Carlson 9:43.46, Ben Wright 9:52.37

4x400m Relay: A) Mike Knox, Ryan Powell, Brock Lutes, Bobby Bassett 3:22.93, B) Xavier Conley, Steven Mason, Andrew Jones, Paul Wright 3:32.05

Long Jump: Xavier Conley 6.86m, Burton Elrod 6.03m, Logan Ray 5.91m, Adam Austin 5.79m

High Jump: Xavier Conley 1.90m, Adam Austin 1.90m

Pole Vault: Burton Elrod 4.00m

Shot Put: Alex Jerkins 13.25m, Walter Hough 10.93m, Burton Elrod 10.85m

Weight Throw: Alex Jerkins 12.47m