Bisons get two wins in 1500 meters at UNF
Sunday, March 7, 2010
Bisons get two wins in 1500 meters at UNF
Something new, something old.

The Outdoor Track & Field season started with a bit of both for Lipscomb Friday and Saturday at the University of North Florida Invite in Jacksonville, Fla..

Though the distance changed from the mile to the 1500m for outdoor track, Ryan Chastain continued his record breaking campaign. His winning time of 3:51.54 eclipsed the previous Lipscomb school record of 4:00.44 (Bob Martin, 1977) by nearly nine seconds.

Freshman Isaiah Greer also broke the school record in the race with a time of 3:59.95.

“Both Ryan and Isaiah ran great!,” head coach Bill Taylor said. “What can I say? Ryan is running at a whole different level than he has in the past. Mostly it’s confidence. He believes!

“Isaiah is already putting together an amazing freshman season. He led off our conference championship DMR and is as tough and consistent as anyone on the team. We shouldn’t forget that Isaiah broke a 33-year-old school record today too.”

Isaiah earned his own school record on Friday in the men’s 3000m Steeplechase, finishing third overall with a new school record of 9:48.56, breaking teammate Jonathan Williams’s school record of 9:52.36 from 2008. Freshman Ashton Fisher also broke the school record with a time of 9:51.58.

In the women’s 1500m Amanda Twigg continued her excellent freshman campaign, winning a tactical race in 4:52.44. She led a trio of Lipscomb freshmen women under 5:00 in the first outdoor meet of the year (Meredith McFarlin 4:58.05, Emily Longden 4:58.94).

“Amanda had to lead the whole thing and the pace was very slow through 1100m because nobody wanted to push the pace. Then Amanda put in a nice surge and eventually pulled away late on the backstretch.

“When I inherited this program three years ago we didn’t have a single woman break five in the 1500m. Last year, my second year here, we had five women break five.”

This year three freshmen women finish under five in the first outdoor meet of the season. Priya Pappu ran 5:00.12.

“It was nice for Amanda to get a win in the 1500m,” Taylor said. “In the 800m Friday night a girl cut off the leaders and knocked three women down at the 200m mark. Amanda was one of them. She got back up, shook it off, worked her way back into the field and amazingly ran 2:22 finishing fourth. It was frustrating for her, though these things happen in races. I was proud of the way she reacted and made the best of it.

“I know we aren’t where we need to be yet, but look at the progress we have made in less than three years. I’m not satisfied at all, but I am happy with how far we have come already and where we are going. We get better every year and this is going to be a great season…a terrific next step in our quest to be one of the top NCAA Division I programs in the nation.”

Two other school records were set at the meet. Sara Stephens posted a 200m time of 25.79, bettering Cree Nix record of 26.35, finishing 13th. Sara then anchored the women’s 4x400m relay that included Anika Piorkowski, Valerie Winkler and Amanda Twigg, to a fourth place finish in a school record 4:03.33.

“Sara ran very well,” Taylor said. “She has a ton of talent and range from 100m to 800m. We had three freshmen on the relay. We are a young team with a very bright future.”

The 10,000m runs were also a highlight for the Lipscomb teams.

“Both teams gained a lot of respect for the 10,000m race and how hard our three athletes worked here,” Taylor said. “They literally ran until they had nothing left. I rarely put a freshman in the 10,000m.

“In fact, we’ve only had two people even run a 10K in track since I’ve been here. Jeff is made for this race though so I made an exception. He is such a strong true endurance runner.”



HJ: Adam Austin, 5th 6-0.75

LJ: Burton Elrod, 15th 20-5.25, Adam Austin, 22nd 19-1.25, Logan Ray, 25th 18-6.5

TJ: Logan Ray, 5th 42-6.75

Disc: Alex Jerkins, 12th 128-10, Burton Elrod, 17th 113-8, Walter Hough, 23rd 92-7

Jav: Austin Ray, 6th 160-11, Alex Jerkins, 13th 144-3, Burton Elrod, 14th 140-8, Walter Hough, 15th 138-5

SP: Alex Jerkins, 5th 45-10

100m: Bobby Bassett, 15th 11.16, Mike Knox, 21st 11.41, Burton Elrod, 33rd 11.76, Steven Mason, 36th 12.03

200m: Burton Elrod, 21st 22.98, Mike Knox, 24th 23.02, Steven Mason, 45th 23.92

800m: Ryan Chastain, 7th 1:56.01, Paul Wright, 22nd 2:01.99, Cormac Carolan, 28th 2:03.06, Benton Reed, 32nd 2:03.99, Jeff Hoover, 35th 2:05.10, Hunter Hethcoat, 38th 2:05.89, Jared Carlson, 40th 2:07.37

1500m: Ryan Chastain, 1st 3:51.54, Isaiah Greer, 6th 3:59.95, Benton Reed, 13th 4:06.98, Mike Yang, 17th 4:09.15, Ashton Fisher, 21st 4:10.74, Andrew Shankles, 22nd 4:11.30, Paul Wright, 24th 4:11.97, Cormac Carolan, 26th 4:12.40, Hunter Hethcoat, 31st 4:14.10, Andrew Jones, 42nd 4:20.90, Jeff Hoover, 45th 4:21.45, Jonathan Williams, 46th 4:21.80, Ben Wright, 48th 4:23.71, Jared Carlson, 57th 4:29.91

5000m: Trace Carlson, 26th 16:05.23

10,000m: Jeff Musick, 10th 31:42.70, Chad Martin, 16th 34:05.92

3000m Steeplechase: Isaiah Greer, 3rd 9:48.56, Ashton Fisher, 4th 9:51.58, Mike Yang, 5th 9:54.25, Jonathan Williams, 7th 10:01.14, Ben Wright, 8th 10:21.06, Aaron Todd, 11th 11:05.92

4x400m Relay: A team (Mike Knox, Andrew Jones, Ryan Chastain, Steven Mason), 10th 3:27.89, D team (Hunter Hethcoat, Cormac Carolan, Burton Elrod, Ben Wright), 14th 3:37.40, B Team (Paul Wright, Logan Ray, Isaiah Greer, Ashton Fisher), 15th 3:38.91, C Team (Jonathan Williams, Trace Carlson, Benton Reed, Andrew Shankles), 16th 3:40.68


LJ: Anika Piorkowski, 23rd 15-00

Disc: Taylor Mason, 26th 67-8

Jav: Taylor Mason, 7th 98-3, Jessi Marshall, 18th 74-1

100m: Sara Stephens, 12th 12.73, Anika Piorkowski, 13th 12.84, Valerie Winkler, 21st 13.65, Taylor Mason, 28th 14.48

200m: Sara Stephens, 13th 25.79, Anika Piorkowski, 22nd 26.54, Valerie Winkler, 32nd 27.46, Taylor Mason, 45th 30.37

800m: Amanda Twigg, 4th 2:22.69, Emily Longden, 6th 2:23.23, Priya Pappu, 7th 2:23.90, Meredith McFarlin, 12th 2:25.62, Louisa Van Batavia, 21st 2:31.91, Catherine Beals, 24th 2:34.30

1500m: Amanda Twigg, 1st 4:52.44, Meredith McFarlin, 8th 4:58.05, Emily Longden, 9th 4:58.94, Priya Pappu, 11th 5:00.12, Catherine Beals, 13th 5:02.67, Laura Stewart, 23rd 5:22.23

10,000m: Jenny Randolph, 4th 39:50.03

3000m Steeplechase: (officials miscounted laps and made them run 3400m) Caitlin Anderson, 1st 13:51.86, Laura Stewart, 2nd 15:46.81

4x400m Relay: A team (Anika Piorkowski, Valerie Winkler, Amanda Twigg, Sara Stephens), 4th 4:03.33, B team (Priya Pappu, Emily Longden, Meredith McFarlin, Catherine Beals) , 9th 4:21.32

Next Up: Birmingham-Southern Invitational, Saturday March 13, 2010