Track and field closes out final day of DR mission trip
Sunday, December 21, 2014
Track and field closes out final day of DR mission trip

Sophomore distance runner Katie Bianchini describes the final hours of the track and field team's mission trip to the Dominican Republic. 


Today we started our trek home!  After a little jog this morning, we headed to breakfast with the Manna Christian School kids and then said our goodbyes.  We bumped off the Bobito Road for the last time and set our sights on Serenade, a town halfway between Bobito and Santiago. 

On the mountainous drive to Bobito, we rode in the dark and did not see any of the amazing hills and valleys, little villages, or ocean views along the way.  This time, we marveled at the vibrant green landscape and the calm, deep-blue water. All I can think is that God’s creation is incredible!

We’re now safely at our hotel in Santiago, preparing to fly out at 8 a.m. tomorrow morning.  It has been an incredible week with so many awesome opportunities.  When I look back on this trip, I will most remember the children’s excited chanting for each other as we passed out Magi boxes and their expressions of pure joy as they opened their gift.  I will remember Anita and her family and the generosity they showed us from their three-room, crumbling house. God is moving in the DR and it has been such a privilege to briefly serve with Manna.

Please continue to pray for the work that Manna Global Ministries is doing in the DR!  Here are some specific topics to pray for:

*The 13 Manna Christian Schools seniors (several guys we met and got to know throughout the week—Carlos, Carlitos, and Nathaniel) who will graduate in June and prepare to go to Santiago for college (smooth transition, funds, Manna to find a house for them to have as a dorm).

*Encouragement for the long-term missionaries here.

*Manna’s impact to go further than the school, children’s home, and outreach center in the DR, for them to build relationships with families and adults in the community.

iFeliz Navidad!