Bisons reflect on Christmas memories

Tuesday, December 24, 2013
by Mark McGee

It’s Christmas Eve and most of us are celebrating with friends and family or finishing that last second shopping and cooking. Some of Lipscomb’s athletes took some time to talk about their favorite Christmas presents and their memories of the season. Merry Christmas to all fans of Bisons athletics.


Alex Banks, sophomore, basketball

Favorite Christmas gift: “My favorite Christmas present ever was when I was in fourth grade we got some motor scooters. My brother and my sister and I rode them all of the time. I really loved our yellow motor scooters. They were like mopeds. They were pretty cool. They were great.”


Favorite Christmas memory: “The past five years me and all of the girls from my mom’s side of the family all get together on Christmas Eve eve. We have a big sleepover at my aunt’s house (Kristin Hasty). We make popcorn balls. We hang out and watch Christmas movies.

“That is one of my favorite traditions.  It is so much fun. All the young kids make a Christmas music video. It only stays in the family.”


Caitlin Dotson, senior, volleyball

Favorite Christmas gift: “My family crest necklace. Everyone in my family gets the crest on something different; mine was a white gold necklace and is still one of my favorite things to wear today!”


Favorite Christmas memory: “My favorite Christmas tradition is going to a Christmas Eve party at my best friend, Shelby's, house with a close group of friends and my family.”


Bridgette Begle, junior, softball

Favorite Christmas gift: “My favorite Christmas present I have ever gotten would probably be a round trip to Kansas to see my older sister, Lori, and her husband, Justin. (I was probably 16 at the time). I got to go spend like five days with them and just hang out. We bought Snickers ice cream bars and watched movies for hours. I got to visit the KU campus and even do their softball camp.”


Favorite Christmas memory: “My favorite Christmas memory happened when I was 13 or 14 years old and my family was in Corpus Christi at my grandparent’s house on Christmas Eve. My two younger sisters and I were out in the hot tub on the back deck when all of a sudden it started snowing.

“Snowing in Texas! Not only that, but snowing at the beach! After a second of silent confirmation between the three of us it was on. We all looked at each other for a second and then raced into the house to put warm clothes on and the (snow ball) war began. It snowed so hard that by the time we were dressed the ground outside was laced with snow. Even our uncle and my Dad got into the game. That was my favorite Christmas ever.”


Danay Fothergill, sophomore, basketball

Favorite Christmas gift: “A bracelet. I am adding charms to it representing special memories. My boyfriend gave me the bracelet last year, but my family is building on it-charms for faith, hope and love and a diamond which represents my birthday.”


Favorite Christmas memory: “On Christmas Eve we always go to my uncle’s house on my Dad’s side of the family and then go to my uncle’s house on my Mom’s side. We get to see the whole family. That is what I always think Christmas is about – spending time with family. They all live in Somerset, Ky., so it is kind of nice to see everybody for the whole day.”


Ashley Anderson, junior, softball

Favorite Christmas gift: My favorite Christmas present was my Kindle. I got it last year and it's awesome. I read all the time so it was great to bring on bus trips and places like that.”


Favorite Christmas memory: “My favorite Christmas tradition is watching the Chevy Chase `Christmas Vacation’ movie. For the past 18 years every Thanksgiving night our whole family watches it and that's the `start’ to our Christmas season.”


Sophie Kellerman, junior, volleyball

Favorite Christmas gift: “My favorite gift was my pink Barbie jeep. I got to drive it inside the house since it was snowing.”


Favorite Christmas memory: “Going to my grandparent’s house for the weekend with all of my cousins. There are 10 of us and getting to see them all at once is always a blast.”


Hunter Brothers, senior, baseball

Favorite Christmas gift: “My favorite Christmas present ever was my stuffed Lion King Simba I got one of my first Christmases.”


Favorite Christmas memory: “My favorite Christmas memory is having snow on Christmas Day a couple years ago and actually having a white Christmas.”


Chadwick Johnson, junior, basketball

Favorite Christmas gift:  “My favorite Christmas present was getting a PlayStation 2 when it first came out. I really wanted one, but when I saw that I had opened `all’ my presents I got sad. Then, my Dad pulled out a big box from the closet and it happened to be a PS2.”


Favorite Christmas memory: “I don't really have a favorite memory, although I would say that anytime my whole family gets together it's always a good time.”


Lauren Ford, junior, volleyball

Favorite Christmas gift: “My favorite present was the Barbie Dream house. When I was little I just loved Barbies and they ended up taking over a room of my house. I am sure my parents loved them just as much.”


Favorite Christmas memory: “My favorite Christmas memories come from my Grandma's house. We would go to a late mass on Christmas Eve and then walk down the street to her house where the entire family met up for festivities.

“From when I was little I have memories of everyone staying up on Christmas Eve, my cousin playing guitar and everyone else singing along to their favorite Christmas carols.”


Sara Bliss, junior, basketball

Favorite Christmas gift: “When I was six my grandparents gave me a scooter, but they made a scavenger hunt for me and my twin, Katie, to find our scooters. It had a little motor. It seems like nothing now, but it was my most memorable Christmas present.”


Favorite Christmas memory: “I think just going to my grandparents. Ever since I was little we have always gone over there Christmas Day. We spend the whole day over there and have some family time.”


Jess Reece, senior, basketball

Favorite Christmas gift: “I know it is really cheesy, but it is getting to go home (Weaverville, N.C.)  and spend some time with my family. I am pretty excited to go home and see them.”


Favorite Christmas memory: “We always have breakfast on Christmas Day. I have three sisters and a brother.  All of my siblings come over and Mom makes breakfast for everyone. We usually have a lot of fruit. We have fruit dip. My Mom also makes a breakfast casserole and pancakes.

“Then we open our presents. We hang out until lunch time and then everyone usually falls asleep.”