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Adoption Rally Spotlight: The Hendrix and Carrico Families

Friday, January 27, 2012
by Brent High

Steve and Becki Hendrix of Franklin along with Chris and Claire Carrico of Bellevue are the recipients of the Adoption Rally grant for the Saturday, January 28 men’s basketball game. Both families attend Harpeth Hills Church of Christ. All single-game ticket proceeds from Saturday’s game will be divided evenly between the two families as a contribution towards their adoption expenses. The Bison take on North Florida at 6:30 p.m. in Allen Arena. Here’s a little more detail about each family:

Steve and Becki Hendrix live in Franklin, TN. They have three biological daughters: Morgan (14), Kailie (12) and Tayler (9). Steve is a partner with Hillsboro Animal Hospital. Becki works as a nurse at Williamson Medical Center. Steve is a 1985 graduate of Lipscomb.

The Hendrix family is adopting a 2-year-old baby boy from China named Cooper. They are actually in China right now and expect to bring Cooper home the second week of February.

Why are you adopting?

We feel like God has been asking us to do this for many years.  About a year and a half ago, after much prayer and discussion, we decided to take this leap of faith and bring another child into our family to love. Jesus loves us so much and we feel like we want to be honoring and obedient to Him and pass that love on to a child whose parents couldn't do that.

What led you to adopt from China?

We chose to adopt from China for a few different reasons.  With the three biological children that we already have, many countries wouldn't give us another child.  Also our ages played a role in which country would/would not give us a child.  We have friends who have also adopted from China, so our children would have each other to grow up with.  In China, we only have to make one trip to bring our son home which means less time away from our other children.

What else is unique about your story or your family that people would be interested in knowing?

We did not specify what gender we wanted to bring into our family.  We figured that God chose the first three so we would let Him choose this one too.  Adopting from China, we assumed that we would be given a girl since there are so many unwanted girls in that country---which was perfectly fine with us.  We already had three of them, so what was one more?!  But God chose to bless us with a boy.  We are all so thrilled and can't wait to have trucks and footballs and stinky boy shoes in the house!


Chris and Claire Carrico live in Bellevue, TN. They have two biological children: Dean (7) and Madeline (3). Chris is director of audit services at Ardent Health Services. Claire works as a speech pathologist with Speech Associates and Brookdale Senior Living. Chris is a 1998 graduate of Lipscomb. Claire is a 1999 graduate of Lipscomb.

The Carricos are in the process of adopting a little boy from Honduras.

Why are you adopting?

We feel that God has put it on our hearts to bring another child into our family in this way.  Once He put it there and we started praying about adoption, we simply could think of anything else but being joyfully obedient to this call.

What led you to adopt from Honduras?

Due to Harpeth Hills being very involved in Honduras, it is a culture and place that holds a special place in our hearts. We are returning there this summer for a mission trip.

What else is unique about your story or your family that people would be interested in knowing?

We have a child with a chronic illness which gave us some concern when we first considered adoption. However, we ultimately believe that God has put adoption in our hearts and will be faithful to us in this journey, as He has always been. Our children can't wait to meet their new sibling and pray for him every day.

Lipscomb University's Adoption Rally program was created to help families in middle Tennessee raise money to defray some of the mounting costs of adoption. At each men's basketball home game, an adopting family is chosen as the beneficiary of all of the single-game ticket sales revenue for that game. The families are chosen by the Adoption Rally Advisory Board made up of Lipscomb alumni and friends who have either adopted children or were adopted themselves. Families that are chosen simply try to get as many people to attend their game as possible. The larger the crowd, the more money that goes towards their adoption. For full details or to apply for an Adoption Rally grant, visit