Lady Bisons have a long night's journey into day
Tuesday, February 22, 2011
Lady Bisons have a long night's journey into day
It was back on the bus and back to Georgia for the second weekend in a row. This around we stopped in Atlanta to play in the Panther Invitational hosted by Georgia State Saturday and Sunday.

When we finally got to Atlanta Friday, the drive felt like it took forever, we ate at Genghis. It is honestly one of my favorite places to eat. I love it! It was a late dinner so when we got to the hotel we got our room assignments and headed up to go to sleep. The lucky winners to be in my room were Ashley Anderson and J.J. Nelson. Oh J’s just listening to that girl talk for 30 seconds will make you wonder what exactly goes through her head.

We had breakfast at 7:20 a.m. left for the field at 7:50 Saturday. Our first game we played Appalachian State. We lost 4-0 but we didn’t have a lot of time to worry about that loss because we played Georgia State right after. We won that game 4-0. We all noticed a difference in the second game, we just had more energy and more spunk I guess you can call it. We need to have that all the time every game. The team had dinner at Longhorn Steakhouse where Shelby Cunningham showed everybody her dance moves. She likes to flex. Ha, ha. Sorry shelbs.

Sunday we played Memphis first. It was really cool that we got to play them because one of my good friends from home pitches for them. She actually threw against us. Two California girls playing each other all the way in Georgia. It was nice to see her. We lost that game 1-0. We didn’t play bad but you can’t win if you don’t score. We had a long break in between our games so after getting lunch we had a team meeting. Basically we decided to revamp everything about our team: new pregame, new chant, new cheers, everything. I think it worked for us. We looked like two different teams in between the first game and the second game. After trying out our new pregame chant on Coach Ryman, she was fooled that we all had so much energy for the whole seven innings. We beat Georgia State 4-2 in the second game and that was a good win for us.

Next weekend we are heading down to Alabama to play in UAB’s tournament. We are looking to take the same energy and enthusiasm with us down there to pick up more wins.

On the way home to Nashville our bus broke down somewhere in Kennesaw. We sat in an empty parking lot playing “catch phrase”. A cop, who was driving way, too fast in the parking lot, stopped and asked if we needed a tow truck...for a charter bus. We blew an air line and that controls the doors, hydraulics, oh and the brakes. Our bus driver, who we love by the way because he's awesome, got in touch with the person who owns Wise Coaches to see what our options were. We could wait for a bus from Nashville to come get us, or Alan Wise was trying to see if a bus in Atlanta could come get us and take us back to Nashville.

After 2 hours of “catch phrase” we made a little trip to the gas station at the corner and got our candy. And now we are back on the bus discussing our first impressions of each other, ha ha the upper classmen's impressions of J.J. are priceless. And the thing I love about our team is we do not hold back. I swear we are as close to sisters as it gets and I love it! We decided on watching Inception, after this movie the bus from Nashville should be here and that would be at about 1, which means we'll get back around 5... Perfect!

Vanessa Medina is a red-shirt sophomore first baseman who is writing a weekly blog for during the 2011 season.