Nessa's News: A rapping good time
Monday, March 7, 2011
Nessa's News: A rapping good time
We are undefeated at home! The weather was terrible and didn’t let us get in all four games but we got to play two of them. Both wins were good for us. Friday we had to move the games up against Butler just to avoid the rain then Saturday it didn’t stop raining, even when I fell asleep it was still raining.

Even though we didn’t hit very well this weekend things fell into place for us and like the saying goes, “good teams find ways to win.” I know we were all glad we got another shot at Appalachian State because we all feel like they should not have beat us at the Georgia State tournament and we were looking for a little revenge. That game was insane. The dugout was out of control. It’s when there is energy like that that makes you laugh and have fun because you just look in the dugout and no words come to mind, just chuckles.

Speaking of chuckles, our freshman made a little rap for our team. It’s a remix, Lady Bison style, to the song “Black and Yellow.” I feel like it would be unethical of me to not share it because they worked hard on it. Having Kristen rap it is something I think everyone should experience. She’s not as shy as she comes off, maybe one day she’ll have a record deal,

Yeah ah ha

you know what it is

purple and yellow, purple and yellow

purple and yellow, purple and yellow



Yeah ah ha, you know what it is

everything I do, I do it big

Yeah ah ha, screaming Bison

when we pull out a win, we praise him

reppin’ my team when you see us you know everything

purple and yellow, purple and yellow

purple and yellow, purple and yellow

I put it down from my cleats to my ribbon

purple and yellow, purple and yellow

purple and yellow, purple and yellow

[Verse 1]

Uh, purple stripe, yellow ball

the Vols scared of it but who ain’t

soon as I hit the ball look at the pitchers face

our spikes on the ground make the dirt shake

pitch inside, now its soaring

it’s the POY POY you know she works for it

and I got the pedal to the metal

even watching film she got you striking out on every level

hear them haters talk but there’s nothing you can tell em

just got a ring, got another bling on my schedule

no love for’em gotta break your heart

no time, study hall starts


[Verse 2]

Got a call from our coaches this just in

10:30 and I’m tarpin with my best friends

not a rich kid but he asleep though

got some smart kids, 4.0

I’m sippin water, liz says so

so many dings in my ear I know what the time is

progression’s just startin’

stack it up cuz every player that I’m with is tired

Vanessa Medina is a first baseman for the Lady Bisons softball team and writes a weekly blog about the team.