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Nothing better than two doubleheader sweeps
Monday, March 28, 2011
Nothing better than two doubleheader sweeps
What a great weekend it was for us! We had our first conference games this weekend against ETSU and USC Upstate and we swept both of them. It feels good to be 4-0 in conference and playing the way we are. We are solid right now, all around.

Thursday we left for ETSU, it wasn’t a bad bus ride. We stopped for dinner at Perkins, which is where we always go when we go through East Tennessee. After dinner we were on our way to the hotel. Mackie and I got to share a room this weekend, we were in the business suite. We didn’t have to be up too early so we read our Nicholas Sparks books, watched a little bit of “Man vs. Wild” and Jersey Shore.

Woke up for breakfast at 9:30 then had some more down time before we left at 12:30 for lunch. Mackie went back to sleep and I watched some TV and killed some time. We got Jason’s Deli for lunch and of course ice cream, it’s a must when we go there.

Then we headed to the field to take on ETSU. The first game we ended the game in the fifth inning with a 9-0 score, we were on our A-game. The second game went well too J.J. came out and pitched well and we won that game 9-2. After the game we headed to Chili’s for dinner, since we swept we got to get chips and queso. Yes, our team is easily bribed with food. Dessert is the most common form of bribery for us. After dinner we went back, showered up and went to sleep.

We were all super excited to play USC Upstate Saturday, unfortunately because of the rain the game got pushed back to Sunday. We headed for lunch at McAlister’s on Saturday, after it was confirmed that we weren’t going to get to play we needed to stop at Walmart for candy and some other things. Mollie and Haybale bought the “game of things”. That was so fun. You get a topic and write up your own answer and someone has to guess who wrote that answer. There was a lot of laughter coming from our room that afternoon. After we played Mackie and I went back to our room and lounged around until dinner. We ate at Olive Garden that night and after the meal Myers stole my chocolate mints. Luckily the waiter gave me two more. After trying to bite her hand to get my chocolate back she gave me one so we each had three.

Sunday we woke up and were ready to take on Upstate. We started the day off right and ate lunch at Panera. After lunch we headed to the field. It was freezing there, the wind chill was bad. When the first pitch was thrown by Morgan Childers there was no doubt who wanted the game more. Every single one of us was on the fence ready to go. The first game ended with a score of 7-3.

The second game they threw a freshman against us, our goal was to make them bring Childers back in the game. We got what we wanted. She came back in to pitch in the fourth inning. It was a battle in the beginning. There was a lot of fight back and forth. Going into the seventh inning we were winning 7-6. We knew we needed more runs though. Mollie hit a three-run homer and then Caroline came up right after her and hit a solo shot. We won that game 11-6.

We have a mid-week doubleheader Tuesday against Western Kentucky then jump right back into conference play again with Campbell on Friday.

Vanessa Medina is a first baseman for the Lady Bisons and a student in the Communications department who writes a weekly blog on softball.