Nessa's News: Think Pink and Frozen Yogurt
Wednesday, April 13, 2011
Nessa's News: Think Pink and Frozen Yogurt
We worked really hard for the weekend, we work hard every week but this past week Jacksonville and North Florida were coming into town and Jacksonville was undefeated.  Friday was our “Think Pink” game so of course we were all looking forward to wearing our pink jerseys.  Finding the perfect pink ribbon was also another thing to be excited about!

Friday we were at the field at 2:45 ready to hit.  We had a good warm up and when game time came we knew we were ready.  We swept Jacksonville with two 4-0 victories.  After the game coaches or rather G.A.C. (G.A. Collins), bribed us with Sweet Cece’s.  The deal was if we swept UNF on Saturday she would buy for the whole team.  I’ve said this before but we definitely take our bribes seriously.

Saturday we came out ready for two more wins and also some frozen yogurt.  The bats were on and our defense was solid.  The first game we won 7-0, we were definitely looking to run rule that game but we’ll take the victory because we still had game two.  The second game we run ruled 8-0 and got the game done in five innings.  Yeah, that’s right now Coach Collins has to buy us all Sweet Cece’s!  We are looking forward to collecting sometime next week. Ha Ha.  

It was a good weekend for us, now we are number one in conference and going into this weekend that’s huge.  We have another big weekend ahead when we head to Florida to take on Florida Gulf Coast and Stetson.  Hopefully we can keep this ball rolling, winning every game from here on out is something we are definitely capable of and we work hard enough to make it happen.

Vanessa Medina is a first baseman for the Lady Bisons softball team and writes a weekly blog about the team.