Nessa's News: Recapping Florida trip
Tuesday, April 19, 2011
Nessa's News: Recapping Florida trip
We left for Tampa on Wednesday and got there around 5 Eastern Time.  On the way to Ft. Myers we stopped at an Olive Garden for dinner.   There was this waiter there who did absolutely nothing.  His name was Cam, but we called him Camero because we felt like he thought he’s on Jersey Shore or something.  

Camero was our comedy for the night. He walked around with a broom for five minutes and it never touched the floor.  Then as we were leaving we found the big basket of mints and took a handful for the road.

We got to the hotel shortly after and Bridgette Begle and Shelby Cunningham were my roommates for the first part of the trip which was good because we could enjoy an episode Hannah Montana before bed, Bridgette is a huge fan!  We decided if her and Miley ever met they would be best friends no question.

The next morning we woke up and went down to breakfast.  After breakfast we had about four hours to kill so most of us climbed back into bed.  We decided to watch this criminal show on the Discovery Channel and that was probably a bad idea because I had nightmares in my nap.  We left the hotel for Jimmy Johns at 2, then headed to Gulf Coast.

None of us saw the day happening like it did. The first couple innings were ridiculous.  Seven illegal pitches were called but only when runners were on.  The umpires pretty much took the game into their hands at that point, however, that’s not why we lost. We didn’t score that game but when they have nine runs on four hits you know something isn’t right.

Our backs were against the wall and we had never been there before.  We all wanted game two so we can start fresh.  We were down four runs in the first inning but knew we had to fight.  We ended up getting a run back but couldn’t cash in anymore.

Friday we got an early start to Orlando.  Luckily that day we drove out to Daytona Beach, the ocean was a lot warmer than it was in South Carolina.  The ocean and Main Street Grill are definitely the best part about Florida.  Right when we got back from the beach we were all hungry so we went to dinner at Sonny’s Barbeque.  We switched roommates so now Mollie Mitchell and I were in the same room. When we got back she had to go “master biology” with Haybale. Haybale’s quotes are sometimes priceless with her thick southern drawl.  

Saturday we woke up and were ready to take on Stetson.  We found ourselves in the same position, we fought back better this time though.  We dropped the first game but were determined to get a win in game two.

Ali Watson came out and gave us a great seven innings. We were able to execute plays, move runners effectively and get timely hits.  We won the second game and then headed for Main Street Grill for some delicious dinner.  Macaroni and cheese please!

Former Lady Bison, Kellie Sirus came back to the hotel and visited, some of the freshman got a glimpse of the Kellie all the upperclassmen know and love.  Now maybe they’ll understand a little bit better when we talk about her.

Sunday we had a devo led by Whit.  It’s nice having different people lead our devo’s because we all go through different things at different times but we can still all relate to each other at some point throughout the season.  The rest of the day we spent at the outlets in Orlando, they had some good deals. Then it was back to Nashville.

We learned a lot about our team this trip and while the outcome wasn’t what we’d liked I feel like we’ve grown as a team. We have 6 more conference games and then head to the tournament.  We are ready to get back to work Tuesday to get ready for Mercer and Kennesaw this week.

Vanessa Medina is a first baseman for the Lady Bisons softball team and writes a weekly blog about the team.