Nessa's News: Recapping A-Sun Tourney
Monday, May 16, 2011
Nessa's News: Recapping A-Sun Tourney
What a week it was for us.  We ended up going into the tournament as the number two seed, which was good because that meant that we got a bye first round.  We left Nashville on Tuesday morning and headed to Spartanburg, SC.

We got to the hotel around three and the hotel must have known we were coming because they left cookies out for us! Mackie and I were roommates again, my favorite roommate EVER!  I got to hear all about her newest obsession with the show True Blood which by the way was literally the only thing she watched the whole trip!

That night we ate at this place called FATZ, it was pretty good.  The rest of the night we got to just chill and get mentally prepared.

Wednesday we woke up and ate breakfast at the hotel and then headed to the field to get a 55-minute practice in.  It was HUMID, it was miserable but thanks to our amazing athletic trainer we hydrated well in advance.  We went back to the hotel and took cold showers, then headed to the field to see if we would be taking on Upstate or Kennesaw.

We all wanted Upstate and that’s who we got.

We must really love 1-0 games but we’ll take it!  After our game we went back to the hotel and got showered up and ready for dinner at Longhorn.

On the way there we found out the Upstate lost and was now out of the tournament.  Dinner was good, minus Bree ordering a steak and it coming out alive and kicking.  After she sent it back they brought it back just how she liked it.  Bridgette and I tried sweet potatoes for the first time. We’re not fans the texture got us.  Following dinner it was time for some cheesecake that our bus driver Charles made us! It was definitely yummy!!!  After that it was off to bed we had an early morning.

Friday we woke up and got ready to play Jacksonville.  We jumped out to an early lead but in the sixth inning one girl got lucky and hit a two-run homer.  We lost that game 2-1, we couldn’t dwell on it though because we had a game break then had to get ready to take on the winner of Mercer and Campbell, we ended up getting Campbell.  We defeated Campbell and knocked them out of the tournament.

After the Campbell game, everybody got to go eat with their parents that night and everybody else went to Jason’s Deli.  Back to the hotel and in the bed for me, that sun just drains me.

Saturday there was only one thing on everybody’s mind, two games and we’ll be champions.  We had to beat them twice and I can honestly say that nobody thought we would walk away as the runner up.  To us it was just a two-game sweep like we had done before.

Unfortunately the first game didn’t go as planned and Jacksonville will walk away as the champions this year but they fought hard and earned it.  It’s obviously not a good feeling to be so close and not win it, it’s like a lingering nag.  We fought though, it just didn’t go our way this year.

We are losing one senior; Mackie was awesome for us this season.  A leader in every aspect and I know we all look up to her.  Her qualities will definitely be missed on and off the field.

For now the plan is to go home for summer and get to work to come back better in the fall.  We want to leave no doubt that the championship trophy belongs to us in 2012.

Vanessa Medina is a first baseman for the Lady Bisons softball team and writes a weekly blog about the team.