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Nessa's News: Orlando and the Citrus Classic
Monday, March 5, 2012
Nessa's News: Orlando and the Citrus Classic

Orlando, Orlando, ORLANDO!!! It was so nice to get away from this bipolar Nashville weather and head to Florida where it’s almost guaranteed to be nice and hot. When we left Thursday though the weather in Nashville was actually beautiful, but we were headed to the happiest place on Earth…well at least one area at Disney World, the ESPN Wide World of Sports facility.

We left for the airport around noon on Thursday and this being our first plane ride of the season we learned who isn’t a fan of flying (Whitney Kiihnl and Bridgette Begle). The three of us all sat together in the plane because they took their Dramamine and I got the window seat! The flight really wasn’t bad. I let Bridgette talk me into reading The Hunger Games so of course I couldn’t put it down the whole flight.

We got to the hotel around dinner time. It took all of five seconds for us to realize that we were in the same hotel as some of the Atlanta Braves spring training invitees. Not a bad start to the weekend! After we got checked in we went and ate at this restaurant called Bahama Breeze. I loved my room last weekend and so did Jordan Abell and Ashley Anderson, so we were all pretty psyched that we got to be roommates again.

Friday our game was at 10. We went down to breakfast around seven and we were all a little jealous to see all of the kids that got to go to Disney World. But it was no big deal. At least we got to enjoy the sun. We won the first game against Long Island and lost the second one to South Alabama. 

We took away little things that would hopefully help us throughout the rest of the tournament. When we got back in the car to head to lunch we all started getting text messages of the storms that were passing through Nashville and how big the hail was. Luckily, the tornado didn’t come through and all of our friends and family were safe. We didn’t have much time to relax in between lunch and heading to Coach Heather Collins’ house for dinner. It was a really nice dinner and we all appreciated her parents for the food, desert and company as well. We had barbecue, and if I had to guess, I would say that is probably our teams’ favorite type of food.

Saturday our games were later so we got to go shopping!! The outlet malls in Orlando are probably my favorite, everything is so cheap. Caroline Mason, Jordan and I all headed to Victoria’s Secret again. Last year I found a really cute Minnesota Twins shirt but of course it wasn’t my size so this year I was hoping for better luck. Unfortunately my luck was the same. I did manage to find some cute clothes though and so did my teammates so it was a successful trip. 

Since our games were later it wasn’t as hot when we played. It was in the mid-to-high 80s both Friday and Saturday. It was perfect, actually. We had a nice little breeze going that only added to the nice temperature. We played Penn State and Ball State and lost both of those games. They were both disappointing losses but we took the Penn State one harder than the Ball State one. Luckily we get to see Ball State again when we play in California.

It was our second weekend of a quick turnaround because our game got moved to 9 a.m. Sunday instead of 11. We played one of the last games on the schedule Saturday night and everything had been delayed for about an hour. Saturday night I got the least amount of sleep; I HAD to stay up to finish The Hunger Games. I couldn’t put it down. We had to be at breakfast at 6:45 and headed back to ESPN Wide World of Sports complex to play our final game against St. John’s. We won that game and got to leave Orlando on a positive note.

This week we have our first midweek game on Wednesday against IPFW. And we’re also hosting a tournament this weekend. Let’s hope we brought back some of that amazing Florida weather for the weekend!