Nessa's News: Return to Florida
Tuesday, April 3, 2012
Nessa's News: Return to Florida

And for our fourth time zone of the week… the East Coast.  We headed to Florida on Thursday ready to start conference play against North Florida and Jacksonville. We left Lipscomb around 11:30 and grabbed lunch at the airport.  As usual I sat by Whitney Kiihnl and Bridgette Begle.  When we got to Jacksonville we quickly got the rental cars and headed to the hotel.  This weekend my roommates were Shelby Cunningham and Ashley Anderson.  After we checked in we went and got a little bit of hitting done at UNF then we went to dinner at Olive Garden, and this time they were very generous with their mints.  They brought out a bucket so I took one…or six.  After that we went back to the hotel and got to just hang out and relax. 

What I love about conference is we actually get to sleep in!  We have to be at breakfast at 9 but after that we don’t leave for dinner until later in the afternoon.  Some of the girls use the breaks to do homework or just chill out, most of us use it to get some extra sleep.  We ate lunch at Jason’s Deli for the first time this year. We all love that place!  After lunch we went to North Florida to play our first conference games.  We split with them. It wasn’t the start we wanted but all we can do is work to get better.  We ate dinner at our hotel.  They served spaghetti, chicken, mashed potatoes and vegetables.  After dinner we went up to go to sleep.

The rain and lightning didn’t want to stay away Saturday.  When we showed up to the field it had already rained a good bit so all the coaches met and the games got rescheduled.  We were going to play on Sunday instead.  After the games got rained out we went and had lunch at Sweet Tomatoes, I wish we had one of those here in Nashville.  We had a whole day off now but unfortunately it was raining most of it so that left us inside.  We were going to go shopping but a lot of the girls had to study so instead we just stayed at the hotel.  We went to dinner at BJ’s Restaurant and got to watch a little bit of the Kentucky vs. Louisville game.

Sunday we were ready to go! It was hot and humid just like we expect it to be in Florida and we wanted a rematch with Jacksonville.  We played really well, it was a pitcher’s duel the whole first game but they won the first one with a walk-off in the seventh.  We couldn’t hang our heads because I thought we honestly outplayed them, and we still had game two to make a point.  The bats came alive and we won game two 9-3!  After that game we showered and then left for the airport.  We grabbed dinner at the food court and couldn’t wait to get on our last flight of the season. 

We were so excited that we get to be in Nashville for longer than a few days this time because we won’t be traveling again for a couple of weeks.  It’ll be nice to be home and get caught up on everything.  This weekend we play FGCU and Stetson, hopefully we can come away with four wins.