Nessa's News: Home Sweet Home
Tuesday, April 10, 2012
Nessa's News: Home Sweet Home

We hadn’t played at home in a while so we were all really excited to get back on our field and host some games against Florida Gulf Coast and Stetson.  They always give us tough games and we didn’t expect this year to be any different.

Friday we got out of class at 1 and had time to eat lunch and get treatment in the training room before our games.  That day I ate lunch with Shelby, Haybale, and Mamaw (Haybale’s Mamaw).  I had some Lucky Charms to see if maybe it’ll bring luck to us that day, and because it’s one of the best cereals.  It was our “Think Pink” game and so in honor of the victims of breast cancer we wore our pink jerseys.  It was also Good Friday and we all knew what that day meant to us.  At the end of the day regardless of what happened we knew that what we were going through couldn’t compare to what Jesus went through on the cross. 

We were all sick of splitting doubleheaders and Friday we were hoping to change that. Losing 1-0 games are the worst to me.  None of us like losing at all but when you lose by one run it’s always a little more bitter.  We took the challenge they gave us in the first game and came back in the second game and scored nine runs in the fourth inning.  The first three innings were a battle between us and FGCU but that inning we pulled away and run-ruled them in five.  That win felt amazing, what we can do in one inning is powerful.  We took that win and that feeling and wanted to come out Saturday and get two wins.

But on Saturday we got swept by Stetson.  In the first game we went into extra innings with them and throughout that whole game I had no doubt that we would win. We just needed to score and Whitney would come out and do what she does best.  She threw a great game for us; she’s been throwing really well.  Losing that first game is always hard because then you’re already playing for a split, you can’t take the series at that point.  After that game we got together as a team and made a new goal: to not be shutout during any more conference games.  It is a goal which we are very capable of achieving because of the hitters we have on our team.  We didn’t get shut out the second game and it was really close for a while.  Ashley threw really well that game and Whitney came in to close it out.  Unfortunately we ended up losing that game 5-3. 

Being swept is not a good feeling at all.  This week we’re looking to come back and put in some hard work.  We’re going to figure it out soon and it’s all going to come together consistently, we all know that.  Luckily, we have such great leadership on our team from our seniors and there’s no doubt in my mind that we will get it together. 

We got Easter off this year and it was nice to spend it with family and friends and great food.  We all always remember what this weekend is truly about though and how blessed we are to be alive and well. 

We have a midweek double header this weekend on Tuesday against Austin Peay, we’ll start there with putting all the pieces together and take that with us for the rest of conference.