Nessa's News: Senior Weekend
Monday, May 7, 2012
Nessa's News: Senior Weekend

Our last home games of the season were bitter sweet; we went 3-1 but we also said goodbye to three amazing seniors.

 I should know. I’ve been lucky enough to play with them all four years.  Whitney Kiihnl, Caroline Mason and Mollie Mitchell are three people I’ve spent most of my time with at Lipscomb; let’s be real most of our time is spent on the field.  Even off the field though I’ve gotten to know these three and they are all like sisters to me. I wouldn’t have wanted to share this experience with anybody else.  I love our entire class that entered in 2008 and they will definitely be missed.

Friday we played USC Upstate and it was Caroline’s 22nd birthday! While we didn’t play as well as we wanted to in the first game it was nice to come back and fight for a win the second game.  It was also the night we honored our seniors, which was amazing.  All the accomplishments these girls have had on the field and off the field are truly outstanding.  To come back and win the second game after honoring them was really special for us.

Saturday was a really long day for Whitney especially, with graduation and a double header. We didn’t walk off the field till about 11 p.m.  It was a great day though because Whitney got to walk across that stage, with her uniform underneath her gown and some heels.  You’ll probably never see those two combinations together again ha ha!

 After graduation the people who watched hurried to the field to get ready for ETSU.  We really wanted a sweep that day and the girls came out and played for one.  The first game we had a team from Mt. Juliet run out on the field with us, and that’s always fun.  They were good sports about doing our little dances before running out.   

In between games we signed autographs for them and got to hang out and talk to them for a little bit.  They were really sweet and it’s awesome to see the love they have for the game.  After that we got some sandwiches and got ready for game two.  But before we played coaches presented Whitney with an award she definitely worked hard to earn.  We won the second game and got the sweep we had been playing for. It was nice to get the brooms out and it gave us confidence going into the tournament.

We leave on Monday for the conference tournament at USC Upstate.  We will play Jacksonville on Wednesday at 3 p.m. ET.  The tournament is what matters; this is where we play hard all season to get to.  We have invested so much into this team, our goal is to get to another NCAA regional.