Lady Bisons putting disappointments behind them
Monday, March 31, 2014
By Brianne Welch
Lady Bisons putting disappointments behind them

Disappointed? Of course. Discouraged? Never.

The weekend against USC Upstate did not go the way we had hoped or planned, but one weekend, thankfully, does not make or break a season. Upstate is a very good team, and this weekend they were better than us. Notice I didn’t say that they are better than us always, just this weekend, and I can’t wait for us to play them again.

We arrived in South Carolina late Friday night after the longest bus ride of the year. It’s around a six-hour drive to Upstate, but it felt like 10 hours this year. Once we were settled in our hotel it was time for bed. We already knew our game was pushed back until 6 p.m. Saturdaybecause rain was coming in.

Now, normally we play a double header on Saturday and a single game Sunday, but, again, due to weather we would play one gameSaturday and a double header Sunday. Even with this change, we were just as excited as ever.

Before the game on Saturday we took some time to relax at the hotel, take naps, watch Netflix and do homework. What order that was done in doesn’t really matter. Then, it was time to get ready to play Upstate.

I don’t really want to relive the game Saturday night, but it was a tough loss. After the game, as a team, we were not discouraged. In fact, we were ready to get back on the field and play again. When Sunday rolled around we were even more ready to play. Unfortunately we lost a very close, back and forth game Sunday early afternoon. That game was a very tough loss, and it gave Upstate the series win. That’s always hard to accept and then play again.

We were determined to take the second game Sunday, but fell short again. My hat is off to Upstate. They hit the ball incredibly well, and they are a fantastic team, but like I said, they were simply better than us this weekend.

I know that as a team we are ready to get back to work and take on UAB this week. We understand that the rest of our regular season, and conference tournament matter entirely too much to dwell on this weekend. In our sport, and any sport, you have to keep moving forward. It is too detrimental to look back on the past. We are ready to play again. We are ready to win again.