Welch Rewind: On the road to Knoxville Regionals
Thursday, May 15, 2014
Welch Rewind: On the road to Knoxville Regionals

There’s really no way to express in words the excitement we felt Sunday night when we saw our name on the NCAA Selection Show. The Knoxville Regional was one of the last to be announced, and honestly, some of us had lost hope that we would go to a regional at all.  However, when we saw Lipscomb on the screen our entire team was ecstatic.

I will never forget that moment as long as I live. It was the moment we realized we have the opportunity to live the dream every softball player wants.  We get to play in the NCAA Tournament.

After our fate was determined, we started to get our minds right and went to practice Monday afternoon. We practiced Tuesday and Wednesday and then made the long journey to Knoxville, Tennessee.

One perk of making it to the NCAA Tournament is that the NCAA sort of picks up the tab, so each player gets their own bed! This was some of the best news we have heard. So needless to say, right now we are just having fun and enjoying the extra time we get to spend with each other.

Our team is very close. We love each other, and none of us were ready to stop playing together after we were eliminated from the Atlantic Sun Conference tournament.

Friday we will play Virginia Tech in the opening game of the Knoxville Regional. Yes, we did play Virginia Tech earlier this season, but a lot changes as the season goes on, so we really don’t know what we will see or what will happen. That’s what makes it fun.

As long as we just have fun and enjoy this dream we get to live out, I have no doubts we can accomplish great things. Softball is a game, and we are going to play this game and enjoy this ride for as long as we can.