Softball Mission Trip Day 7: "Ensenada”
Friday, August 14, 2015
By McCarley Thomas
Softball Mission Trip Day 7:

I am going to spare you the details, but unfortunately the devil did everything in his power to try and steal our joy from us today. We made it through the bumps in the road (hypothetically and literally) and eventually made it to Ensenada this afternoon. While in Ensenada we shopped for a few last minute things and ate one last Mexican meal.

The hardest part about today was definitely saying goodbye to Misha, Pila and Laura. They have truly become like family for us this week. We will all miss their sarcasm, quit wit and genuine love for people. I am so thankful that God crossed our paths through this week and we all look forward to Pilar coming to Nashville in two weeks!

Due to today being a bit rougher than we had expected, I want to share with you tonight where the rest of our teammates saw God this week.

TAYLOR: Taylor saw God through the relationships with the people despite the language barrier. When I first asked her the question, her immediate response was, “Love has no language!” I think I have already said this, but it did not matter how much Spanish any of us knew. Everyone was able to form relationships with the people this week.

DEE: Dee saw God through the house visits. She was just as amazed as I was that we left no house empty handed. She said she was reminded of Matthew chapter six where Jesus speaks on how one should give. They gave freely and joyfully to all of us!

LAURA: Laura saw God through one specific little girl at the softball camp. The little girl had seen Plocheck throw a few times underhanded and she wanted to try to pitch too. Laura said that she found so much joy in teaching this little girl how to pitch. It did not matter to her where the ball went. She just wanted to keep trying. Laura also said she found herself having much more patience than she normally has in situations like that. She said she knows it had to do with the joy the little girl had while playing.

MALORIE: Malorie said she saw God through the home visits as well. Before Wednesday, the only house we had seen was the preacher's. Their house was fairly nice for the three of them. Mal said she was completely taken aback by how run down the other houses were. From the joy we experienced with the children every day, one would never know the conditions in which they were living.

JENNA: Jenna saw God through a four-year old boy named Oscar. He had a horribly traumatic experience a few weeks prior to our visit, so he was very timid and did not want to play. One afternoon he grabbed a glove, ran out to Jenna and began throwing with her. From that moment on, he opened up to us and gradually began to seem more and more happy. God definitely worked through us to help Oscar this week and it was beautiful to watch.

Well, friends, it has been quite the journey. Tomorrow I will write my final entry and closing comments. Until then, please pray for our journey home tomorrow (Friday) and thank you for your prayers thus far!