Lipscomb Softball: Inside Stories
Monday, February 15, 2016
By McCarley Thomas
Lipscomb Softball: Inside Stories

After a relatively painless hour of loading up the bus, the Lipscomb softball players settled into their seats for the trek to the opening weekend in Gulf Shores, Alabama.

My name is McCarley Thomas. I am a junior, pitcher on the team. This season I have the wonderful opportunity of giving you some insight into our adventures on and off of the field. I suppose this platform will be used to tell stories of happenings mostly off of the field (there are other blogs for game stats). I hope you enjoy our journey this season. I hope you rejoice with our success and believe in us through failure.

This is Lipscomb Softball: the inside stories.

As we sat on the bus in the parking lot of the Microtel in Gulf Shores, Alabama, we all felt surges of confusion, exhaustion, and a bit of worry.

J.J. (Dillingham - Assistant Coach) got off of the bus like he normally does to go check us into our rooms. Then, Coach Peck got off and went after him. She did not look very happy. Finally, Coach Smith went running off the bus to join the other two in the lobby of the hotel. We were tired from our trip, mildly irritated at how long this was taking, ready to get into bed, and somewhat worried about how frustrated our normally calm coaching staff seemed.

The three returned, and J.J. grabbed everyone’s attention. He said, “The tournament reserved rooms here for everyone to stay, but they seem to have messed ours up. They have gotten us some rooms about ten minutes from here. Thank you guys for being patient.”

We all settled back into our seats, and the usual chatter filled the bus again. There are a few people on the team who regularly vacation in Gulf Shores. There are others (like me) who live to be at the beach and had Google maps pulled up to see just how far from the beach we were. It did not take any of us long to figure out we were very close and getting closer.

We made it to the road that has all of the condos, turned right, and kept driving. We drove clear past the condos until the road was lined with beautiful beach houses. We all stole glances at each other, but no one wanted to say it out loud as if it would keep what we hoped from happening. The bus slowed and pulled off the road (beach side I might add) into the driveway of a two-sided, three-story beach house. Needless to say, this is the point at which you can picture us all freaking out.

Instead of staying in a hotel per the norm, our wonderful coaches got us a beach house! We were sorted into our rooms and quickly threw off our shoes, running to the beach. A few of us stood out there staring into the roaring nothingness that is the ocean at night. Above us rested a blanked of stars that almost mimicked the Mexican sky in August. We could not have asked for a better start to opening weekend.

Although we did not start our season as strongly as we had hoped, we finished the weekend looking as confident and powerful as we all knew we should. The confidence with which we finished will propel us into this week and this weekend as we work to be the best team we can be.

Here’s to some healing nights on the beach, laughter, growth, and a wonderful opening weekend with my family.

Until next time,