Softball adventures in the Windy City
Tuesday, February 23, 2016
Softball adventures in the Windy City

Hello friends, welcome to week two. I want to begin this week by giving you a little insight into our team.

Our softball team is very familiar with waking up before the sun. Because of this, our bed times are unusually early for college students. With this in mind, you can easily picture the looks on our faces when J.J. handed us our itinerary this week and it said “depart at midnight.”

What made it worth it, you ask? Two words: sleeper buses. We finished practice on Wednesday afternoon. Some showered, some napped, some did homework, but we all waited eagerly for midnight to roll around so we could load the buses and begin our trip to the Windy City. Although I cannot speak for the other bus, the upper classmen had one sweet ride to Chicago. Special thanks to our awesome bus driver, Mike-what a champ!

This weekend we experienced a weather delay from wind at an indoor tournament, a win over Iowa, pizza the size of our heads, and a sports museum overlooking Chicago, but I want to spend tell you about Saturday. After our two big wins that morning, our coaches told us to shower up, and we headed to downtown Chicago.

Loving surprises as they do, they did not choose to tell us where we were going. As we entered the city, the roads seemed to grow smaller as the buildings grew larger and larger. We stopped at a street corner and all piled out. One by one we exited the bus and looked up. The building that stretched out before us reached for the sky in such a way that makes you feel like you’re falling backwards. The Willis Tower, known more endearingly as the Sears Tower, stood an imposing 1,729 feet above us, and we were going to the top.

The adventure began when we got off of the elevator to buy our tickets. There was a giant sign scrolling across the wall that read, “Welcome Lipscomb University Softball Team! #NoBorders”. It was pretty awesome to walk into a building among hundreds of other people and have a personal welcome waiting for everyone to see. We made it to the top rather quickly (insert shout out to the coaches here) and made our way immediately to the clear-bottom, glass boxes that extend 1,353 feet above the city. After we cheered for the guy who proposed (she said yes), we very gingerly walked out into the box.

For those of you who know me best, you know what time it is; picture time! The sun had just finished setting, so there was the tiniest bit of orange lingering just where the city met the sky. The streets below glowed a warm gold as the night moved on while we observed silently from so far above.

Despite the chaotic noise of those waiting to enter after us, the racing hearts we felt as we stood with nothing under our feet, and the busy city that raced below us, we couldn’t help but feel a sense of peaceful awe as we sat there taking it all in. This weekend was busy, fun, full, and windy. I’m thankful for our wonderful fans that traveled with us, a safe and comfortable ride to and fro, some awesome Lipscomb Softball wins, and the moment I got to spend with my team 1,353 feet in the air.

Until Next Time,