McCarley's Softball Blog: Inside Stories
Wednesday, April 6, 2016
McCarley's Softball Blog: Inside Stories

Hello friends! Oh, what a week it has been! When I last wrote to you, it was Saturday night, and we had just finished our weekend against Jacksonville.

 Today I want to fill you in on what happened the very next day. Living close to home, I had the opportunity to go to my home church for Easter Sunday. Kasey, Becca, Taylor, and her family all came with us, and my grandmother cooked us a delicious lunch to follow.

 As we sat and ate, I went to get my phone to show my brother a picture of something. On it I found a text message waiting for me from Dee. It read, “KELLY IS GETTING BAPTIZED AT 5!” After freaking out momentarily, running around the house and telling everyone who would listen, and maybe crying just a little bit, I shot Dee a text back asking for the details!

Sunday night, our team piled into the back room of the Cannery Ballroom where Ethos is held. Kelly stood before us and shared with us a bit of her spiritual journey since coming to Lipscomb.

The preacher at Ethos, Dave, took her confession of Jesus as her Lord. Then, with her sisters surrounding her and her family watching through FaceTime, Kelly was baptized! What a glorious night!! I cannot do justice to the joy and love that was packed into that room that night! It was an incredible experience to spend a Sunday morning focusing on the resurrection of our Lord only to finish the day watching my sister on the team follow His example and become my sister in Christ.

We were blessed with a week that both started and finished on a high note. Saturday afternoon between our games against Florida Gulf Coast, we celebrated our wonderful seniors and their accomplishments as Lady Bisons. This senior class holds a special place in my heart. I have been on the team with Dee, Tanner, and Brittany since day one.

My class of juniors has had three years to bond together with these seniors in a wonderful way. My feelings for Baylee and Kelly, who transferred in last year, are just as strong. Kelly and Baylee came into the team and found a home as if they had been here since day one.

Saturday between our games each of our seniors walked onto the field with their families, received gifts from the coaches and team, and were given the appreciation from our fans that their four years of hard work deserved. Along with the series win, the weekend could not have been better!

As I come to a close tonight, I am oh so thankful. I am thankful for Easter and Christ’s resurrection. I am thankful for Kelly’s decision to follow Christ in baptism.

I am thankful for Tanner and her encouragement in the bullpen and excitement as a teacher that reminds me to always pursue my passions.

I am thankful for Brittany and her work ethic and love of the game that reminds me to never stop doing what I love.

I am thankful for Baylee and her sense of humor that reminds me to never stop having fun. I am thankful for Dee and her heart for others that encourages me all to love a little bigger.

And I am thankful for Kelly and her friendship that reminds to be open to new people because you never know when your best friend will walk into your life.

Until Next Time,