Softball mission trip ready to go on day one
Sunday, August 7, 2016
By Kelly Young
Softball mission trip ready to go on day one

Mission report from Kelly Young:

Day 1

“Aquî” (pronounced ah-key) 

Let's address the elephant in the room before we begin. No, I am not McCarley Thomas. No, I am not an English major/blogger like her. And no, I do not wish to be.

I am, however, like McCarley, a pitcher (well a now graduated one) for the softball team. I am in charge of the blog this week (mainly because my grandmother, Nana, wanted a blog to read). And I am incredibly passionate about this place we've been called to serve (because how can you not be?!).

 I, along with nine others, have embarked on a week-long journey to serve the people of Colonet and Diaz Ordaz, both communities on the Baja peninsula of Mexico. Seven of the 10 people here are "veterans," while we have three rookies. And I am oh so excited that you're joining us here, but I apologize for the many grammar/spelling mistakes that are sure to follow (in my defense I'm a science person). But enough of that!

Our journey began Friday night as we met as a group to go over last minute details, get to know one another, and prepare our hearts for whatever God has in store. We were lucky enough to be joined and prayed over by McCarley and Taylor (Neuhart), both of whom were present in last year’s trip.

We took this excitement into this morning as we met at 5 to catch our flight (that's 3 a.m. Mexico time in case you were wondering). After a long and thankfully uneventful day of travel we finally made it to San Diego and met our guides/translators/friends/family for the week, Pilar and Laura (Yes! Same as last year). We stocked up on food and drinks for the week at Costco in Ensenada and then went to our hotel, our base for the week.

But back to "aqui." It means "here." This was the first word I learned last year, and I quickly realized I could use it in almost any situation (when that's all you know you learn to get creative). Here. Moment. Now. Those have been the common words among our group.

We left the worries and anxieties behind. We left the pressures of social media and self-image behind. We left the comfort of what we've known our whole lives behind for one week.

For one week we are right here. For one week we are in this moment. For one week we will focus on the right now. We will love the person in front of us, no questions asked. We will open our hearts to God and share that love with everyone we encounter.

We have an incredibly diverse group, but as different as we may be, we are all here to serve. And serve we will. I ask that you pray for this team this week. Pray that we will be the hands and feet of Jesus. Pray for our safety and health. And pray that each night we will get ample rest to get up and go again. But also pray that when this week is over we will continue to serve and love no different than we will do this week. 

This is where I would enter a cleverly written sign off (probably in Spanish), but I can't even speak Spanish, much less write it. So I'll leave you with a "what if" (thanks to Mark Batterson's book If for the idea). What if you approached today, no matter where you are or what you're doing, like you were serving on a mission trip spreading God's word and love? 

See you tomorrow.