Song service, children playing are highlights for softball team
Monday, August 8, 2016
By Kelly Young
Song service, children playing are highlights for softball team

"We'll sing until the whole world hears"

Let me start by thanking the prayer warriors out there who are praying for this team! I believe I speak for everyone when I say we finished on empty Sunday. Also big thanks to Casting Crowns for the great song that serves as our blog title today. 

Sunday started at the Diaz Ordaz church service, just as it did last year. The returners were all a little bummed after finding out Raphael and his family were not going to be here all week. They had just left to visit a sick family member (prayers for them please!).

Their absence did not change the excitement or love we have for this community though. As we rounded the corner where that trusty blue-tarped church would become visible, we were all caught off guard. There was the dirt field that we played on all last year, but where was the church across the street?

In its place stood a massive building built from what looked like cargo shipping containers. They built the church just like they told us they would! Long gone was that old blue tarp, but still present were the sweet souls that stole our hearts last year without ever being able to understand a word that we said to each other. 

Languages are a funny a thing. One extra syllable or letter can change the whole meaning of a word or phrase (for example instead of asking for someone's name you could be expressing the greatest love in the world for them.. ask Alex Ross about that one).

But songs have a way of going beyond a language barrier. Worship was led by a 14-year-old boy in the community. 14!! What were you doing when you were 14?

He was incredible, but his younger brother stole the show. As we sang hymns together we heard his booming voice above all others coming from the front row. I don't know what the message was, and Kasey (Gibson) and I are still trying to figure out what scriptures were read (we could only catch the numbers that were said), but those two boys singing was enough to move us to tears. 

After eating lunch at Diaz Ordaz and playing with the many children, we packed up our things and headed to "the ranch" (a new location for us) for arts and crafts, a movie, and another service.

We had children crowded around two tables painting wooden shapes. And then when we ran out of shapes they began painting scrap wood, paper plates, their arms, and even a dog (if you could see how cute the kids are you would let them do whatever they wanted to as well). 

We finished the night back at Colonet with a homemade dinner. Delicious as usual. As a team we shared our "highlights" of the day, and what a day it was!

Seeing the same children again melted the hearts of the returners, but it was the three "newbies" that jumped right in like veterans. Seeing Abby (Fenichel) play all day with children, you would have never known she was intimidated by it just this morning. Ally (Judkins) was a pro when it came to helping kids with their painting (and she had the paint on her to prove it). And Morgan (Gresham) learned and used Spanish phrase after phrase all day, albeit in a very Southern, very Mississippi accent. 

The take away you need to know? This is an awesome team with incredible guides in a great place doing something God has called us to do. And with that combination only great things can come. So, prayer warriors, we ask that you keep at it! We will get much needed rest tonight and go again all day Monday! 

And I will see y'all then!