Pizza, soccer, crafts fill the day for softball mission
Wednesday, August 10, 2016
By Kelly Young
Pizza, soccer, crafts fill the day for softball mission

Recognizing God’s presence

Tuesday was such a joyful day!! We began at the "pizza place and washer and dryer place" (as we have called it) painting the owner's home.

Let me explain. This family lives and works in the same place. Their house is in the back behind a store front where pizza is made on Saturdays and washers and dryers are repaired every day.

This family is so great. For those of you that came last year, this is where we ate our weight in pomegranates. And yes, after painting, we did it again this year.

I was also refreshed on the word "run" and "again." Their three children all loved to ride piggyback and run and spin around. So obviously we did it again and again and again. We finished our time there with four of the greatest pizzas I've ever had (yes, family, it was as good as Lillian's pizza). 

We then headed to the church at Diaz Ordaz for "organized games." Organized.... please, we don't believe in organization but whatever.

We were concerned when we got there because there were no kids in sight. So obviously the answer to this was to send us all to the field with a soccer ball and let Dee scream in Spanish for all the kids to come play.

And let me tell y’all, when you call for kids and start a soccer game, it doesn't take long for them to come. We eventually picked teams the easiest way we knew how: Team USA vs Team Mexico. It was a land slide in favor of the team from the South. 

After wrapping up the soccer game, we made our way inside the wonderful new church at Diaz Ordaz for crafts. We all made wind chimes, and then it was a free-for-all after that.   There were kids playing tag, hide-and-go seek and making bracelets. 

Dinner was back at Colonet. And let me tell you, the fajitas, tacos, quesadillas, guacamole and salsa did not disappoint.

We finished dinner and shared so many laughs and jokes. We didn't "debrief" Tuesday night which was a little odd, but in a weird way we didn't need to.

We had spent the entire day running around and playing with kids. We made friends with people who spoke a completely different language, and as a group we grew closer together.

God was so present Tuesday, and I think I speak for the group as I tell you that we were present and in the moment too. I cannot believe our week is going so quickly, but we will cherish the next few days with our new family here in Baja. 

See y’all tomorrow,