Softball enjoys full day of activities on Baja mission
Thursday, August 11, 2016
By Kelly Young
Softball enjoys full day of activities on Baja mission

Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can't Lose

By Kelly Young

I warned everyone at the beginning of this journey that I was not an English major or a blogger and I didn't want to be.

 I regret saying that.

Wednesday night I wished more than anything that I could have painted you a picture of our entire day because it was a gem!

It started early again painting a house at the ranch that we were introduced to earlier this week. We painted the cement block house bright yellow. (PSA: if anyone needs a house painted let me know- we are experts now).

The painting experience was highlighted by Caroline and myself diligently working on painting the back of the house, only to find out that we may not have enough paint for the back too (we didn't, but at least part of the back has some color now).

Ally and Morgan were also a hit with the kids as they painted each child's hands so that they could leave their handprint on the shed outside. Perhaps the coolest part of the entire morning was visiting with the family and the family next door. From what we gathered the kids were cousins. I wish I could explain to you the joy these families have- it's contagious!

The painting didn't take as long as we had thought it would so we did what any group would do- we drove to the beach for lunch! We ate sandwiches on a cliff overlooking the Pacific Ocean on a stretch of land where the Baja Races take place.

We got the inside scoop from Misha, one of our guides. Being at the beach in Mexico in the middle of the day was different than what we were used to, but it was just as magical as being there at sunset. Seeing the sun reflect off the rocks that line the beach and proceeding to skip rocks in the ocean are two things I will never forget.

Rejuvenated by our lunch, we were ready for soccer! I want to stop here for a second and tell you that although the majority of us here have baseball and softball backgrounds, I would consider us some pretty good athletes.

Unfortunately, our athleticism wasn't noticed Tuesday on that giant dirt field. But as any great athlete knows, Wednesday was a new day for a fresh start!

Our spirits were also lifted from the defeat of Tuesday when we saw that we were playing on an arena-sized, (about the length of a basketball court), concrete court with walls around it. Now this we can do! Not too much running, no chasing the ball, and no sliding in the dirt.

Our teams were a bit more evenly matched today (thank goodness!). It was so cool to learn each person's name and figure out how to communicate in the midst of a soccer game. Dee definitely takes MVP of the game although Abby finished a close second for her goalie skills (she is a catcher so it kind of made sense).

We then made the short walk to the park at Colonet where we painted poster boards with crosses on them with the kids. 

After dinner at Colonet, prepared again by our new friends, we made the short drive back home to the hotel… or so we thought. If there's anything I've learned these two trips being in Baja it's that with Pilar as a guide, anything is possible.

Exhibit A: on the way back to the hotel we dropped by what we thought was a circus. Come to find out it's actually a family-owned comedy show. Pilar somehow managed to get us a "tour" so we didn't have to sit through the two-hour show late at night. This tour consisted of Pilar making herself at home and running through the entire set. It was the most hysterical chaos I've ever witnessed. 

Like I said, I am no blogger, but I don't think there are words great enough to describe the day we had. From going to the beach and what we thought was a circus to playing arena soccer and painting with kids, we had a full day! I believe I speak for all of us when I say that we are all going to sleep tonight with full hearts as well. 

Here's to hoping for a clear morning to watch the sunrise! I can't wait to tell y'all all about it.