Softball mission leaves behind a legacy of caring in Mexico
Saturday, August 13, 2016
By Kelly Young
Softball mission leaves behind a legacy of caring in Mexico

"More than the eye can see"

Friday morning we officially said good bye to our family in Colonet. 

We dropped off all of the left over supplies, soccer balls, volleyballs, jump ropes, and Frisbees at the church this morning. Hopefully each time a soccer game breaks out they will think of us.

We spent just a few minutes with Antonio's (Colonet pastor) kids and their best friends playing our last games of volleyball and soccer. We said tearful, but hopeful for the future, good byes and were on our way to Ensenada. 

I can't speak for the other van, but I rode with Pilar and we did a lot of reflecting.

Personally, I struggle sometimes that we come down here and we don't build a house or a field or a water well. We don't add anything to the community other than a few coats of paint on some houses.

But as we pulled away from the church, Pilar made the comment that we were one of the few groups that take the time to get to know the people that we come to serve instead of just focusing on the project. She told us that all week people asked why other groups don't go to the beach like we do or why other groups don't invest in the people more than the projects like we do.

Wow. I can't tell you how that made me feel. To hear her say that, unprompted, meant more to me than being able to look at a project in the community and claim it as our work.

It was such a great reminder that God's work is not always work that meets the eyes. It is so much more. It is work that it is felt with heart and displayed through actions. It is so much more than you and I could ever imagine. 

After crossing the border and making it to our hotel, it was off to dinner. Outback Steakhouse got the nod, but unfortunately we were not able to sit together.

I need to stop here and recap. We didn't sleep much this week, and I think it showed in how delirious our table was (Dee, Pilar, Laura, Alex, Kasey, and myself). The poor waiter that took care of both tables was probably rejoicing when we finally walked out of the restaurant.

Dinner consisted of laughing way too much over nothing, exchanging phone numbers and snap chat names, and eating way too much food. 

We started the morning saying good bye to our family in Colonet, but we ended the day with our Baja mission’s family in San Diego. We will say good bye to them Saturday morning as we head home to Nashville, but I won't go there quite yet. One goodbye is more than enough for one day. 

And on that note, I'll see y’all then,