McCarley's Inside Softball:Dealing With An Unwelcome Visitor
Monday, February 27, 2017
McCarley's Inside Softball:Dealing With An Unwelcome Visitor

As we ride on the bus making our way back to Nashville, I find my reflections on this weekend a bit more introspective than normal.

Thursday we loaded up the bus per usual and hopped on the interstate going south. What I did not know was that a little friend had decided to join me. He decided to make his ugly presence known about an hour into the trip.

Cue: the stomach flu.

If you have never found yourself sick in the very back of a charter bus moving 70 miles per hour down the highway, consider yourself lucky. It was not one of my brightest moments.

My parents arrived in Troy the next morning, and I spent the day with them keeping up with my girls through the Game Tracker app. I watched pitch by anxious pitch as they pulled out the upset against No. 19 Pittsburg in walk-off fashion.

Thanks to some solid sleep, and a full bottle of Pedialyte, I felt somewhat like myself again later in the day. My parents and I ventured out to watch part of the game against Troy Friday night.

So I sat there in a beautiful complex on a gorgeous, sunny day watching my teammates pull out another hard-fought win. I was so happy my girls got the win, but there was a feeling, a thought in my mind that I just couldn’t quite shake.

Being a senior in college is an interesting thing. It feels at times that everything is a countdown.

Your entire career as a collegiate athlete is spent hearing the words, “Enjoy it while you can. It goes faster than you think.”

You shake your head and think, “Yeah, Yeah. But I’m just a freshman..” Until you aren’t anymore.

I find myself increasingly aware of the fact that sooner rather than later I will be sitting in the stands watching my former teammates play a game that I still love.

Friday, as I sat there semi-nauseous, I realized I was doing that very thing; watching my teammates play the game I love.

I couldn’t help but think about how precious the time is that I have left on the dirt and then smile, thinking about the fact that I am not done yet.

Today I suppose it goes without saying, but here I go saying it anyway. I am thankful that every weekend I get to lace up my cleats and play with my teammates. I am thankful that the stomach flu only lasts for a few days. And I am thankful for the games still to come.

God Bless,