McCarley's Inside Softball: Finding fun on a tough, cold weekend
Tuesday, March 14, 2017
By McCarley Thomas
McCarley's Inside Softball: Finding fun on a tough, cold weekend

Hello, everyone. Apologies for the week hiatus, but we're back.

This weekend we put on our blue suede shoes and headed southwest to Memphis. 

Friday we had early, and I mean early, games, so that evening we had the chance to get a nice dinner together as a team.

We made our way to the heart of Memphis and poured into the world famous Rendezvous. 

I will tell you, they are world famous for a reason. That was some of the best barbecue I've ever had.

The atmosphere in there is simply infectious. You cannot help but have a good time. A well-cultured jukebox brought us music that anyone could sing along with.

One moment my table is serenading one another to George Strait, and the next thing I know, the coaches are belting into their straws some quality 90s pop.

As we were leaving, we all lined up against a mural painted outside of the restaurant to get a team picture. 

I'm not sure if it was the dry rub they put on the ribs, Abby Finny's (Fenichel) nose bleed, or J.J. Dillingham desperately wanting to see the ducks at the Peabody, but we could not take a serious picture had our lives depended on it.   

If you ask me, the picture that resulted from our giggle fest is even better than the serious one would have been.

That was only one of a few moments this weekend that left us rolling with laughter. 

In reality, this weekend could have been unfortunate for a handful of reasons. We had a four- hour game.  Three rain delays. Two close losses. And one hour of sleep removed. Thanks, day light savings.

There were moments throughout this weekend when we were frustrated with close losses, numb from the cold, and yearning for nothing more than a few more minutes of sleep.

But already, those aren't the things I remember when I think about this weekend as a whole.

I think of literally stopping traffic just so we could see the ducks at the Peabody-who turned out to not even be in the lobby.  I think about Chloe (Yeager) seeing snow for the first time ever. I think of line dancing to Copperhead Road during a rain delay. And I think about laughing until my stomach hurt for no apparent reason outside of Rendezvous. 

Those are the moments that matter, and those are the moments I cherish.

As always, I find myself thankful. This weekend I'm thankful for my brother who drove seven hours to surprise me. I'm thankful for good barbecue, line dancing and ducks. And I'm thankful for a group of girls who are determined to find joy even when it's 21 degrees and snowing.

Here's to a warmer spring break, everyone.

God Bless,