Softball Mexico Mission Day Three
Tuesday, August 8, 2017
Softball Mexico Mission Day Three

Sophomore infielder Peyton Ward describes the "simple joys" that made day three in Colonet, Mexico so special for her and her softball team.

Day Three and my heart is full. 

This morning started off like the others, with a deliciously prepared meal from the hotel chef Lucas. The mangos down here are to die for, seriously they’re so good. After breakfast we had a short devotional, and off we went to Diaz Ordaz to prime the walls and prepare them for paint. This was a great time: singing, dancing, worshiping our Lord, and painting the walls with some of the greatest people. I had an absolute blast. I even got some paint on me from a beautiful little girl, of course with the motivation to do so from Dee Baddley.

After we painted, we played soccer. When I say played, I mean we played hard. Not just some backyard game, it was very intense. I even took a ball to the chest from about five feet away and it definitely felt like I had just got slammed with a wrecking ball. Ask me more about this later, HA! After soccer, we made crafts with the children and hung out, laughed, and enjoyed the fellowship. Then we came back for a quick break before dinner.

Dinner consisted of this amazing food prepared for us by the preacher at Colonet, Antonio, and his wife, Dulce. After dinner we played more hacky and volleyball with the children. Then, one of the most special moments I have had the pleasure to experience happened, a giant group hug. One of the little boys, his name is Andre, he just loves to love. He has no idea how bright his eyes are, or how loving his little arms are when they wrap around you, or how the smile he consistently wears on his face radiates, but we do. He started hugging everyone, and that turned into a big group hug between some of our team, and the children. This moment ended in happy tears. I loved it.

Day Three was one where I realized that it’s the simple joys in life that make my heart so full. Simple joys such as laughter. It’s universal - we all share it. No matter the language we speak, age we are, ethnicity we come from, we share laughter. The cute giggles, the belly laughs, and the little grins are so filling. Today as we all sat in a circle and debriefed our day together, it was the most simple yet satisfying talk. We chatted about taking advantage of opportunities, moving moments, how much laughter overcomes all of us, and the tears shared throughout the day. The tears continued in this debriefing, and I’m so sure these will not be the last. 

When I say tears, I mean tears of pure joy and realization that life is the most precious and beautiful thing. That living this life to the fullest is what fills you. These moments we are sharing together as a team are so pure and humbling that it moves some of us to tears. Those moments are the ones that make your heart overflow. It is only Day Three and my heart is overflowing. My heart is SO full.

The saying, “Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose” comes to my mind as I think about today because of how pure and true this trip is. Every single person on this trip has their eyes on the Lord with the purest intentions of following His calling - to enhance the kingdom, and He is filling our hearts graciously in return. We literally can’t lose, even when the most special moments end up in tears.

Tonight, I am thankful for the pure love I have been shown over these three days, the people I get to experience this trip with, and the hugs from all the little boys and girls of Colonet and Diaz Ordaz. I pray for strength to continue to leave everyday on empty. I pray for the people in these two communities who are showing me what it is like to be truly joyful. I pray for our full hearts with hopes that they continue to expand with room for much, much more. Finally, I pray that through all things done this week that God is the reason, and through Him we do all. Lord, we love You, and we thank You.


Peyton Ward