Softball Mexico Mission Day Four
Wednesday, August 9, 2017
Softball Mexico Mission Day Four

As the Bisons softball team continues to serve in Colonet, Mexico, sophomore infielder Peyton Ward shares a story of two brothers who have impacted the team.

Day Four, where servant hearts shine brighter than ever. 

It was a typical morning for us, we enjoyed breakfast prepared by Chef Lucas. It did not disappoint. Shortly after breakfast we headed to Diaz Ordaz to finish the painting we had started yesterday. Painting was a blast. We sang worship songs and painted our hearts out. I had a white shirt on, and I told Dee Baddley that I did not want it to be white by the end of the day, needless to say, she did not let me down.

During our painting, we took a short break to watch Dee propel down a 40-foot deep well, dig some rocks out, and then she was brought back up. The pastor at Diaz Ordaz, Rafeal, had been hand digging this well with the help of one other man, for two weeks, and it was 40-foot deep. 40-feet. Two weeks. And, he didn’t even think it was that impressive! Meanwhile we’re all standing there staring at him with our mouths wide open. We were impressed.

After Dee safely reached the top of the well, something pretty special happened. All week we have been blessed by these two brothers, Joel (age 6) and Jasiel (age 3). During most of this trip, and every day at Diaz Ordaz, they have touched the hearts of many and radiated Christ. These two brothers had gone weeks, maybe even months without a shower. Yesterday (Day Three), Dee Baddley, Pilar, Caroline Wasserman, and Caroline Bumpus had tried to wash their bodies with wipes. They were wiping off as much dirt as they could, but the wipes did not suffice. Talk about servant hearts.

This is where the idea of getting them in the shower comes in. The men’s room at Diaz Ordaz has a shower with running water, and we were able to bring soap and towels and get together some new clothes for them. Mind you, they had the same clothes on every single day we had seen them.

Jasiel was incredibly hesitant to get in at first. He did not want to take his shoes off – a luxury we don’t even have to think about doing right when we walk in the door. A luxury many of the people here do not get – in fact, Joel had been barefoot every time we had seen him. While they were in there, Pilar (one of our amazing guides/translators) was telling us what they were talking about. Joel was saying, “come on man we don’t get this often, take your shoes off!” Low and behold, Jasiel took his shoes off and in they went.

They took their clean clothes in the shower with them and when they came out, they were all dressed and looking fresh! When we asked to take their picture, the brothers immediately started tucking in their t-shirts and buttoning their jeans. Even though they do not have much, they do have very good manners.

You see, everyone saw those boys go into the shower extremely dirty, and come out extremely clean. But, what you don’t see is what happened while they were in the shower.

One of my teammates and someone I am lucky to know, Destinee Brewer, went beyond borders. During their shower, she was washing their dirty clothes in the sink with soap. She was scrubbing them with hopes that she could get out a little of the dirt. She did not have to do that, but she did it voluntarily. To make it better, when the boys were tucking in their shirts for pictures, Destinee took the socks off her feet and put them on Joel. She took the socks off her feet and put them on a little boy who had not seen shoes or socks in a long time. Y’all, talk about another servant heart.

After she did this and the boys finished their shower, they were beaming. They were running around laughing and smiling more than they had been all week. We gave them popsicles and pizza.  Jasiel would take the biggest bites, and he would grin and smile and be so proud he could fit all of that food in his mouth. It was adorable. It was truly one of those moments that you want to stop time and be in forever. 

All week, these two boys have been showing us how to love like Christ. Every time we have seen these two, Joel took amazing care of Jasiel. He always had Jasiel’s hand, or his arm was always around Jasiel, and when he wasn’t physically touching him, he had his eyes on Jasiel. Joel even rolled up Jasiel’s pants after he got out of the shower because they were too long – as Dee Baddley said, “if we all loved one another and cared for each other like that, we could change the world.”

Needless to say, these two boys have touched every one of our hearts in their own way and moved us in ways we didn’t expect. Joel and Jasiel have come up in many conversations we have had. They are showing us Christ, and without even realizing it. They are pouring into us, and I love watching it happen.

The hearts of the people in this group are glowing. Every one of us is always wearing a genuine smile, and we are always looking for an opportunity to love more, give more, and do more. There are so many servant hearts in this group of people, and it’s showing now more than ever. This trip is showing sides of some that I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to see had I not come – and I am loving every second of it.

Love is another one of those universal things, and it’s also one of those things that makes the world go around. These children, and people of the communities, love to love, and they love to be loved – as do we. Love is overflowing on this trip, and so is laughter.

Tonight, I am thankful for the servant hearts of my teammates. I am thankful for the love that I have had poured into my heart this week. I am thankful for the luxury of not being afraid to take off my shoes when I walk in the door. I pray that this love I’m feeling keeps overflowing, that the smiles will be never ending, and that the Lord pours His grace and never-ending love into the people of Colonet and Diaz Ordaz, because they deserve it. Lord, we love You and we thank You.

Peyton Ward