Softball Mexico Mission Day Five
Thursday, August 10, 2017
Softball Mexico Mission Day Five

Sophomore infielder Peyton Ward and the rest of the softball team take in the sights and landscape of Colonet, Mexico on day five of their mission trip.

Day Five was a little bit different than others.

It was just as beautiful, but in a different way. Today, we woke up and had breakfast and again, it did not disappoint. We then all hopped in the vans and made the trek to the Sierra de San Pedro Mártir National Park in Baja. We spent most of our day in the vans riding together just taking in God's beautiful creation, adding in an occasional nap here and there.

Our first stop in the mountains was because we had to let our van engine cool down. But, none of us minded at all. I did not hear one complaint out of any of us the whole time. It was hot and sticky, definitely weather worthy of the complaints, but again, I didn't hear one. We all just told stories, laughed so much, and enjoyed the fellowship of one another. We are all just happy to be here and be with each other.

Our next stop consisted of lunch, and there was for sure no complaints about that! We stopped about a mile from the top of the mountain and parked the vans. It was cooler and there was a nice breeze. Not to mention, the beautiful view and great sandwiches.

As we were sitting there waiting for our guide, some went hiking down the hills, some took pictures of the flowers, and some just sat on giant rocks and listened to music and hung out together. I was one of those people who hung out on the rocks.

While I was up there I had a moment. I had a moment of incredible belief and happiness. A moment that had me moved to tears. While I was there just enjoying the company, I had been staring at God's beautiful creation. The trees, the rocks, the people I was with, the clouds, the animals, and much more are all a part of God’s beautiful and perfect creation. God created all of the beauty, and He is the same God that created every one of us. He created us with the image He had in store, and the image He most desired. How cool is that?! To be created by a God who is the same One who made the trees, clouds, animals, and other beautiful people around us. He made us, and He loves each one of us.

After we had adored every bit of God’s creation we made our way back down to the church in Colonet where we would love on the kids. We also ate dinner with some of them, and that always calls for more smiles and happy moments.

Later in the evening when we started our debriefing, Kasey Gibson was up for our devotional, and she did an amazing job. She pulled three fabulous points from the book Uninvited by Lysa TerKeurst. If you haven’t read it, I would highly recommend investing in it – it is well worth the read. Anyway, her third point was the one we found the most profound as a whole. It was, “How dangerous is it when our souls are gasping for God, but we are too distracted by the world to notice?” Our souls were made to love God and desire a relationship with Him, but it is so easy to get distracted by the everyday things of cell phones, cars, and our social lives. As I have been on this trip, I have really learned to be at one with God and be intentional about my friendships because of how secluded, yet free, we are here. There are no distractions, just you and your Savior growing in a relationship and loving on these children. Another point Kasey made was this, “Our hearts need to be in alignment with Him before our hands set out to do today’s assignment for Him.” Showing us how important it is for us to nurture and love and care for our relationship with our Lord first before we can love and nurture and care for our relationships here on Earth. He prepares us for the task at hand, and He needs to be the first to be nurtured and the center of it all.  

With that being said, another one of our great translators, Misha, said that today was great for us because on this trip we need time to be with our Savior, and to spend that quality time with Him while we are here. We spend so much time around children and serving others that we need that time to nurture and care for our relationship with God and His wonderfully made creation as well. We need to do that first. We need to set our hearts out for the Lord and let Him take control. 

Tomorrow is our last day with the children of Colonet and Diaz Ordaz before we start our journey home. Trust me when I say, none of us are looking forward to it. Today, alone with our God, prepared our hearts and hands for the work of Him. As much as I didn’t see it then, I see it now. God was preparing our hearts and hands for the overflowing love those kids will feel tomorrow from our group. I am so {not} excited for our last day in Baja, Mexico.

Tonight, I am thankful for overheated engines, trees, rocks, and lizards. I am thankful for Baja, Mexico, for it has changed our hearts in unimaginable ways. I pray for the presence of God, and that He is felt so extremely close tomorrow. I pray for the families and children. I pray that God hears the prayers of those who need Him and that He shows up in His loving ways. I pray for us, that we have left every day on empty, but that tomorrow we have the strength leave on extra super empty. Lord, we love You and we thank You endlessly.

Peyton Ward