Softball Mexico Mission Day Seven
Saturday, August 12, 2017
Softball Mexico Mission Day Seven

As the softball team leaves Baja, sophomore infielder Peyton Ward shares how emotional saying goodbye can be.

Day 7, with heavy and full hearts we say goodbye.

Today was a day that we had all been dreading since Monday. 

Our hearts weren’t prepared at all. This morning started as all the others, we had breakfast and it was fabulous. We then headed to Colonet and Diaz Ordaz to say our last goodbyes to the children. It was heartbreaking telling the children it was time to go, but we would be back next year. 

As our time with the children ended today, all I could think about was seeing them again, and hugging them one more time, and telling them how great they are.

I would like to thank those children. Thank them for changing our lives and moving us spiritually without even knowing it. Thank them for loving on us and pouring into us. I would like to thank the families of the kids for allowing them the opportunity to change our lives and for allowing us to touch theirs. I would like to thank the pastors and their families at both churches, Rafael at Diaz Ordaz and Antonio at Colonet, for welcoming us with open arms and providing us with this life changing opportunity. A huge thank you to the communities who loved us and held us dearly. A huge thank you to Pilar and Misha, our guides, for making most of this possible. We love you guys so much and we are so thankful for you

I want to thank the families of the people who came on this trip, for sacrificing time with their loved ones so we could work down here as God calls us to. Thank you to all of those who prayed for us while we were preparing for this trip and while we were here in Mexico. Your support means so much to us. We also want to thank all of those who donated money for each of us to go on this trip. Without your support we wouldn’t be able to come on this trip. 

Tears were shed as we were leaving this place, and not the same kind of tears we have been shedding all week. It was heartbreaking. I did not want to leave and neither did anyone else. I miss it already. As many tears that were shed this morning, we ended the day with tears of laughter.

Tonight, we walked up and down the streets of Enseñada shopping, laughing, dancing, and participating in some shenanigans. We shared so many laughs. Our hilarious guide, Pilar, somehow got a pass to be a “professional photographer” for a fashion show that was being held on the streets, and there were way too many photos taken. Pilar eventually handed the camera and pass over to one of the more charismatic characters on our team, Destinee Brewer, and she stopped traffic at least three times to get in the street to get the perfect angle. It was absolutely hilarious.

It had everyone in tears, and they were much different tears than this morning. They were the kind of tears we had been sharing all week. We needed that more than anything at this point because we were aching after leaving those two communities we have grown to love. They were the kind of tears that we loved.

Tonight, I am thankful for the extremes. The extremes of sadness to happiness because they help us realize what is truly important. I am thankful for hugs and for moments of pure sincerity. I pray for the hand of the Lord to be felt extremely close for anyone who needs it. I pray that He continues to work in all our lives and help us shape our hearts. I pray that we pleased Him with the work we have done, and will do in Baja, Mexico. Lord, we love You and we thank You.


Peyton Ward