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Athletic Missions team arrives in Mexico to serve with Baja Missions for 4th consecutive year
Sunday, July 29, 2018
By Caitlin Plocheck
Athletic Missions team arrives in Mexico to serve with Baja Missions for 4th consecutive year

Caitlin Plocheck here, now Lipscomb Softball Alum and 3-year Baja trip Veteran. It’s been a LONG day. From waking up at the crack of dawn to fly into San Diego, to stopping at a gas station to grab some dinner because everything is already closed. 

It started just like any other first day of this trip, waking up, flying into San Diego and eating at the all time In N Out. Then loading up in the vans and driving through the border that has seemed to change every time we go through it. My first year here (the first time we came to Baja) we all got off the bus, got all of our luggage and everything out, took about an hour to fill out the visas, then another 30 min to load back up. Let’s just say it was a process. To the second time here, we got off the bus, they took the bus to scan, we filled out visas, walked through the scanners on the inside and were done. To this year, (finally pros) we all filled out our visas ahead of time, therefore we got to drive right up, they looked in the vans and we were done. 

The drive to Ensenada is always a pretty one no matter how many times you’ve been on that road along the Pacific coast. We stopped to get our full list of groceries and supplies for the week at Costco. And you’re never going to guess what happened AGAIN! We have 6 carts full of stuff, go through check out, and the card doesn’t work!!! So yet again, Costco won. It seemed like just yesterday we were rookies making rookie mistakes. But it seems as if it doesn’t matter how many years of practice you have going on a trip internationally, you can’t control the crazy things that happen. The drive from Ensenada to Colonet is the longest one, so that’s when the tiredness really sank in. By the time we would make it to our hotel, the restaurant would be closed, so we stopped to get some homemade burritos and any snacks that could make up our dinner. Really no matter where you go, anything that’s homemade Mexican is delicious. Once we finally settled in after this stressful day, it felt like we had been here a week already, we remembered one important thing about going into this week full of long days and probably more craziness, we are blessed to be here, we get to serve the Lord with all our hearts, and we get to choose what our attitude is no matter what the next move looks like.