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Athletic Missions Trip to Mexico is a Blessing to Everyone on Day 3
Tuesday, July 31, 2018
By Caitlin Plocheck
Athletic Missions Trip to Mexico is a Blessing to Everyone on Day 3

We ran until we hit E, literally ran.

Woke up for a great breakfast at the hotel. Then we headed off to Diaz Ordaz to begin painting. We painted a lady’s house who is a part of the church. Her house was a dark green already, and she wanted it painted orange. We began painting and realized it was going to take a couple extra coats because the orange didn’t cover up the green very well. So it took a little bit longer but we managed to get it looking right. She has been living by herself because all her children were gone for different reasons, so we decided to put something she could see every day on the side of her house. Mandy and Drake with their artistic abilities drew a cross with a scroll under it that reads Isaiah 41:10. We thought this verse was the most fitting because we wanted her to have that reminder that she is never alone, God is always with her. She was so happy when she saw her house and read the Bible verse, she was speechless.

After painting, it was time for lunch and a quick break before you already know, soccer. We mentally prepared ourselves for what was coming and decided to give our best effort no matter what happened. But you know what, we did pretty well! It must be the practice we had from the day before because we had our moments. But you know after about an hour we’re all asking when is the water break and they were starting to run circles around us. But we never quit, and because they split up on the teams, we actually had a winner! (I was on the winning team) Playing soccer with them is sharing their passions without having to use words. They smile almost the entire time just because of how much fun they are having. They would play all day if we stayed out there to play with them. After we finished our game, we headed back into the church to do some coloring pages. This gave us all a chance to sit and hang out with each other again. The little kids enjoy the coloring sheets much more because they’re not having to avoid getting stepped on like in the soccer game. We wrapped up and headed back to the hotel for showers to get ready for dinner.

We went to the church in Colonet for dinner where Dulce and a few other ladies once again prepared us an amazing meal. They want to serve us when we are there to serve them. That’s the other part of having the relationships with these people here. We are here to do anything they need and help in any way we can, but in reality they are helping us by showing us this never ending love every chance they get. I mean what did we do to deserve that? The answer is nothing, they do it because Jesus did.

I know this is getting lengthy because if I told you every minute of each day, it would be way too long so I will leave you with this. Try hugging your family and kids more than once a day and see if you can’t help but smile. I know that may seem odd because we only hug on birthdays or holidays. We get hugs all day every day from older adults to the youngest kiddos and coming from someone who doesn’t hug people very often, I will hug every single one of them until they let go.