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Athletics mission trip to Mexico: Day four
Wednesday, August 1, 2018
By Caitlin Plocheck
Athletics mission trip to Mexico: Day four

Today was day two of painting, which means everyone was all nice the first day, but today was paint wars.

We painted the house more than we painted each other and somehow still got it everywhere. This house was one of the houses we had painted the first year we came to Baja. The paint was definitely worn away and needed to be redone. We painted it the same color as the first time and it once again looked like a brand new house.

Following the paint wars, we got to be a part of the last bit of VBS they were putting on at the Diaz Ordaz church in the mornings. All the kids who came both days received a certificate for coming and learning about Jesus. We got to hand out their certificates to each of them.

It was awesome to see the smiles on their faces when receiving something like that because not only did they learn about who Jesus is but they got an accomplishment for doing something in their childhood. That is a big deal for these kids who may not get too much of anything except growing up and going to work.

After VBS we had a great lunch cooked by some of the members of the Diaz Ordaz church and began to mentally prepare ourselves for the soccer game. Once the kids from Colonet arrived, it was time to play. We headed over to the field and stuck with the same teams we had yesterday, just switched which goal we were kicking to.

We had some new players come and join the teams today as well (because I guess they realized they needed to call their amigos and bring better players cuz we were so good). The game still went back and forth and we played all afternoon with the champions being undefeated! (Even though I may of ricocheted a ball off my body into the wrong goal but hey my team had my back).

When it came time for a break we went inside the church to just play with the kids and hang out with the people. I also haven’t mentioned yet Rafael’s (preacher at Diaz Ordaz) family has a new dog named Roméo and he is the friendliest dog I have ever seen. He will let anyone pet him and hold him and play with him. He is so lovable he deserved a shout out. These kids just continue to blow our minds.

After we played at least two hours of soccer, we came inside and they didn’t stop. We did puzzles, played three hack whack, and played with the toys we had brought them in the morning. We also did a craft that was a crown where you cut out slits in the middle of a paper plate and they could color it however they wanted.

A lot of the older kids wanted each of us to write our names on their crowns because they were becoming comfortable getting to know us. It just continues to amaze me that even with the very little Spanish that majority of our group knows, it doesn’t affect anything. All they need is for you to smile at them, kick a soccer ball with them, color with them, whatever it may be and you are giving them everything they want.

We finished up the night with dinner at Colonet where we again ate a great meal. Needless to say they don’t let us go hungry…ever. The church families have also begun to practice their English while we are practicing our Spanish.

So when we came together to wrap up for tonight, they all wanted to gather around with us and join in on our devo and prayer. They may not be able to understand all of our words and neither can we with their words, but when we can ask them what the highlights of their day was and they say all the same things we say, then we know we are continuously becoming one big family.