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Mission team comes together on Day Five in Mexico
Thursday, August 2, 2018
By Caitlin Plocheck
Mission team comes together on Day Five in Mexico

I scored a real goal. Not just a goal in the soccer game, but the goal to come on this trip.

When in reality we should have nothing left, we get this second wind to keep going. We painted the church in Colonet that we had painted the first year we came in 2015. It definitely needed to be redone and we painted it a light, sky-blue color this time that made it look so much brighter. We painted the entire church, all four walls in less than two hours. I don’t know what it is about this group, but when we have a job to do, we don’t mess around.

After we painted it gave us some down time to relax. Ilse (Antonio’s daughter) brought out her ukulele and started playing and singing some of the songs she knows. After a little bit of convincing, another amigo, Rafi, started playing guitar with her and they began playing songs together. Ally is also musically talented, so she helped out with some drum beats. None of us know what heaven is going to sound like, but I’m guessing it is close to what we heard today. 

After lunch it was again time for the ultimate fútbol game. Like I said I knew it was coming, Mexico vs Americano which I would gladly like to say we took a big W. But then of course we had to play again so they could play “for real” and we lost. But that’s not the point. The point is watching them play soccer with us, especially the older kids and adults that may not get to do any of the craft-type things, absolutely love playing with us because they can be themselves and be competitive. It is so exciting and fun to watch them have so much fun doing what they love. We also let the little niños play against each other which just puts a smile on your face because one day some of them could be playing in the Olympics.

When we wrapped up the soccer games for the day, we headed inside to do some drawing and coloring with the little ones. They have no idea how much they are touching each of us when they could be drawing anything in the world and they’re drawing pictures of us, to us, writing poems to us and wanting us to write our names all over their pictures.

After the crafts, it was time for all the kids to go home and we found ourselves sitting around with some down time left.

We decided to do something that was a first for our mission trips here. We asked Antonio, the preacher at Colonet, if we could use his projector and have dinner and a movie with just all of our group together in the church. They had dinner ready for us, so we went and got some tables and chairs together to make our own little home theatre in the church and watched “Sing” while eating dinner. We really enjoyed this because it was nice for us to just sit together and relax knowing that our family here welcomes us at any time to make this feel like Home.