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Athletic mission trip to Mexico: Final full day
Friday, August 3, 2018
By Caitlin Plocheck
Athletic mission trip to Mexico: Final full day

The best and worst day of the trip.

Our last full day in Colonet. After breakfast we headed to the church in Colonet to begin packing trash bags full of food for home visits. Home visits are where we go to homes of families who go to church at Colonet or families in the area that Antonio knows that need more than what they can afford or cannot travel to the church to get what they need. We filled the trash bags with food such as rice, beans, sugar, salt, corn, tuna, oatmeal, cooking oil and a few other goodies like chips and cookies. We followed Antonio to each of the homes to deliver the bags.

Once at a home, we talked to the people whether it be just kids because their parents are working or kids and a few adult family members. We talk for a while to get to know them a little bit and let them know that we are there to help. A few of them we recognized because the niños have been at the church activities this week. This is one of my favorite things to do because we are helping out families personally, which means so much more to them than we can imagine because they don’t ask for anything, we just give.

Following lunch, it was once again time for some soccer. I can’t tell you if we’ve ever played soccer this much on any of these trips, actually I know for a fact we haven’t, because my body is telling me we haven’t. But either way, we still played, especially with the kids because they will just play and play until you stop them. A lot of them today were saying our names and connecting with individuals in our group. That’s what always makes today worse, once we begin to be their best friends, we have to leave tomorrow.

After soccer we did another craft where they got their picture taken with a Polaroid camera Hannah brought that can instantly print photos. They created a picture frame for their picture with whatever materials they wanted on it that we had. Many of them enjoyed this because when do they ever get personal pictures of themselves to keep. We wrapped up the craft and Antonio began taking most of the kids home. The ones that got to stay got to go enjoy the rest of the evening with us.

It was time to go to La Playa! We go at the end of every trip because it’s a perfect way for all of us to have some fun enjoying the Mexico coast and hanging out with the kids at the same time. Not only do we play for a while, but we eat create your own tacos that Dulce and her friends had prepared for us. This time it was shrimp and fish tacos with whatever you want on them. You can’t knock it till you try it, this woman knows how to cook. We take plenty of pictures and watch the sunset. It’s God’s way of showing us the perfect ending to our trip. Tomorrow morning we get up and say our goodbyes, and head back to the city of Ensenada. This is always one of the greatest weeks of my life, but never long enough.