This Is My Calling: Kayla Montgomery
Thursday, March 10, 2016
This Is My Calling: Kayla Montgomery

Kayla Montgomery is a sophomore runner on the women's cross country and track team.  She was diagnosed with MS while in high school, and has continued to persevere and run... even though being affected by numbness and lack of feeling in her legs as she finishes her races. Her story is one that is unique but inspiring. Listen as she shares her testimony and journey of faith over the last few years while facing her diagnosis.   Click on the play button to the right, on the image to watch and hear Kayla share her story. 


"I realized that I wasn't as alone as I thought I was... so I let Him back in.  I still get scared about the "what if's" but I heard God say, "Kayla, you are to live for today, not for tomorrow." ... It's such a nice way to live." (Kayla Montgomery)



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(Video Edit and Production by Austin Gwin, Lipscomb Athletics Videography & Production)