Jake's Journal, part 6
Tuesday, October 19, 2010
Jake's Journal, part 6
Back at it again on Monday. We were able to practice in the arena so we took full advantage of it. Practice was good. He put together four teams consisting of three or four girls. Then we made two big teams by combining the four small teams - hopefully you can follow that. And then we played mini games to five points.

The reason for doing this was so we wouldn't focus on who was in the game. Each person plays our system and at the end of the day it is the same system so it shouldn't matter who is on your team. As Char quotes, "Meg ran over me!" Meg dominated the mini games! Let's just say I was glad when she was on my team! Haha. BUT I say to myself I am really glad... Every day. A lot of girls are on our team and not on the other team-especially on game days!!! Thank you for the awesome recruiting.

So we were off last Tuesday and Wednesday... And I had no idea what to do with my life. Oh well, we had weights Wednesday morning but that is all. Tuesday I got excited that we would actually be able to make it out to the baseball intra-squad. (You know how they say you learn something new every day... Well we had a five-minute discussion in the athletic training room about intrasquad. I have always thought of it as innersquad. BUT now I know the technical term now is INTRAsquad.) Sooo back to the intrasquad on Tuesday. Well it got rained out, of course. So there was really nothing at all to do on Tuesday! Then Wednesday rolled around and we would finally get a chance to watch the guys play! Not sure they got through the second inning and they "detected" lightning so there was at least a 30-minute break! I went shopping and had dinner then went back out for the last part of the second game. Can't wait for baseball season!!!

Thursday we were back to practice- at BELMONT! Before we left, each of us had to think of two "items" that made us think of "the Lipscomb Way." Brandon texted us the night before and said bring two items-so the team thought we had to bring an actual item (example: one of Kaycee's words was "like a rock" and she brought in a rock... And Tory's word was "focus" and she was bringing glasses... I am sure you get it-good job Brandon) but we wrote our "words" on our fancy new wall.

Brandon came in to talk about them and what it means to us. "No more comparing," he said. "It's our way, the Lipscomb Way!" A little inspiration before we cranked it up again for practice. Next was film on Campbell. It was all right and then... PRACTICE! We packed our bags with sweats because the boy’s soccer team was playing Belmont at Belmont. . We attended that after practice! But first practice. The quote for practice was "Go for it now. The future is promised to no one!" A pretty good quote: to live in the moment and not worry about tomorrow. Brandon did something new for this year and ran one side as "Campbell" while the other side defended them. The last time I did it was probably my freshman year so it was a little different... Somewhat helpful as a player. Film and information about the opponent isn't my favorite thing (sorry). I am one who loves to focus on our side-and that's all. Now that doesn't work for some players. They want to know beforehand what might happen. For me, I believe if we can stay calm and control our side of the court, the other team then has to change their ways because they are not in control. Or what can we do different to gain control of the momentum... So I don't know... just my thought process.

All right back on track... went off the path a little there. After we went over Campbell's information in practice we went through hitting lines, to get used to the gym, and then we called it a night! We went to change in the bathroom into our sweats. And let's just say there wasn't a very pleasant smell in there when we walked in. We got out of there and went to the SOCCER GAME! (And Amanda forgot her sweats... Ooops!) It was a little chilly outside but we got RED BULLS at the game... And the sugar kicked in quickly! Our team was all over the place after that! Lipscomb WON 6-2! Always good to win that game- congrats boys!

Off to Panera again for pregame. I am sure you know what I ordered. Then I went to pick up my sister at the airport, she was coming in town for the weekend. We went back to school to get treatment and rode with Tory and Elly over to Belmont. Tory drove another car so... you know when people awkwardly look for another person in a lunchroom or something... yeah that was me in the parking garage, so she honks her horn and scares me half to death. Haha. We made it to the gym and down to our locker room.

Before serve/pass we went into the hallway to start stretching. Stretching... Let's just say that didn't last long after we found a mini-volleyball. We decided to start softball pitching the ball. I was the catcher... Katie the batter... And Meg-which was actually really good was the pitcher. Char tried to pitch how Katie told her how... We decided Char was the best bench player... :) Finally time to Serve/Pass. It went pretty well and then it was time for the game to start! We lost the first one... Brandon said we never settled in and got back to our basics in that game-which is important for us. But Campbell did play very well in that game also. We responded and won the second game. Going into the locker room between two and three(10 minutes) Brandon gave a little pump up speech. And back out on the court with only two minutes before game three began. We took games three and four. Played very well- it was a great feeling after the game knowing what we can do!

After the game my sister and I went to Burger-Up and then got frozen pops at Las Paletas... Yum Yum Yum. Then we went to Chili's later that night to watch the college football games. She isn't the biggest fan of football but she went and it was a great night. We got to talk a lot because we don't get to very often so it was good. Bed time was at 10 p.m. I think, and we got up at 10 a.m. the next morning-so good to sleep in!

Chuy's was for lunch on Sunday- we shared the burrito "as big as your face," With queso on top. Their chips and salsa are wonderful too. Later that day we went shopping and spent way, way, way too much money but you only live once, right? We ate dinner Stoney River... my favorite place. We hung out the rest of the night and got ready for her early morning flight. Very good weekend all together. Back to work on Monday to get ready for Louisville! Big week for the team.

Hope you enjoy!