Jake's Journal: Part 9
Thursday, November 18, 2010
Jake's Journal: Part 9
Its been a while since I wrote a journal so sorry I am back on track! After the weekend of FGCU and Stetson we had senior night and the family was in town so... Anyway here we go!

I am going to start off on our trip to Florida! So we all are packed and ready to get on the Purple Lipscomb bus to the airport Thursday afternoon. We get to the airport to find out our flight has been delayed for about an hour we think. Not to mention we are all dressed nicely because we would go to dinner when we got to Ft. Myers later that evening. So 15 girls stuck in an airport...dressed up... And some girls started to get upset we wouldn't make it to dinner before the place closed... Wonderful! Sam assured us we would get there before it closed but we were not doing a very good job believing her!

On our way through security, they had these new screening tests. They randomly pick people to go through... I would call it... An x-ray machine, they use to check out if you have anything under your clothing! Yes of course I had to go through it- maybe I looked suspicious or something- just kidding... Which took a little while, but not as long as others. (Every trip, when going through security, we have to wait for everyone to get through before we head to the gate) This time, Kaycee decided to fling her driver license across the airport, so we started off the trip with the Lost ID. Total=1. We got "lunch" I guess you could call it at the airport to keep us filled until dinner, most of us got pizza... Pretty good stuff. After we got food, Lloyd Banks was there... Kaycee, Kory, and Meg went to creep on him... And in the end got a picture with him.

Finally after the delay, they started lining us up in number order to get on the plane. Sam didn't do a very good job and we were in the B group... Thanks Sam (just kidding thanks for even checking us in). While we were waiting we saw Chris Johnson- yeah he was on our flight! :) this time Barb wanted a picture with him so... Ryan, Barb, and Katie went to be creepers- and got a picture with him! We (my plane buddy-Meg) sat RIGHT in front of him on the plane! So I took her phone and put it in the crack between the window and the seat and got a pretttty good picture of him = creeper yes, yes I know! And then Meg got one in between the seats! Haha he was just playing on his Ipad so he didn't notice! Lipscomb Volleyball = creepers this weekend.

So off to Orlando (for our connecting flight). The turbulence was AWFUL!!! And I don't like flying in the first place and this didn't make it much better! We made it to Orlando safely. When we were getting off the plane to go to our other one, Brandon was getting his carry-on out of the top of the plane and he dropped something on this lady's head HAHAHAHA. She was not a happy camper but he didn't mean to do it! He caught one thing that fell but not the other! Lol it was soo funny! So off the plane... Running to the next one, to make it on in time! We all sat down and Rex said she lost her ID. on the first plane haha... Total=2!!! She got off that plane to go to the first plane to try to find it (both planes were about to take off so people were already in seats) and all of a sudden "prepare doors for departure!" The flight attendants said--- WITHOUT Rex. We heard both doors close!? So we were all panicking... But she made it back on the plane with her ID. Total=1. We made it to Ft. Myers and our bus was waiting for us! Then off to dinner at Bahama Breeze!!! Sooo good. I had Salmon and rice with broccoli. Yummy! Then to the hotel---Hyatt! -- Roommate for the weekend Char :).

We got to the hotel. We were very full and very tired! A full day tomorrow! Getting up to eat breakfast at the hotel- an okay breakfast and then off to the BEACH!!! There were lots of seashells and it was a little chilly until the sun came out! Then we got in our bathing suits really quick and took pictures. Barb and Katie actually got in the water-nooo thank you! Too cold for me lol. After the beach we went back to the hotel for a little while then off to lunch at Ted's. It is a hamburger place... Pretty darn good! They have these pickled cucumbers... Yum! Although Brandon came over to our table and ate the last few that I had cut for Char and I to eat... But we obviously didn't get to eat them... Thank you Brandon! The cheese-burger was very very good! :) my stomach was happy after that and then it was a little nap time and getting ready for the game! Did my hair and got dressed to make our way to FGCU!

We had our serve/pass which was not too bad and then it was game time. We won 3-2. FGCU played a great game. We really didn't settle in at all that game and I didn't play my best and will be the first to admit it... But also know I will do better next time. I am not sure if I have said this before but my dad always tells me that the best players (he uses Tiger Woods a lot) don't always play there best so you have to make sure you do your job next time! So after the game we showered and got ready for the trip ahead of us... 4 hour bus ride to Stetson! :) But before that it was Pita Pit time!!! We got it to go and then went on our way! Our bus driver was awesome and got us to our hotel around 2 a.m.!

We slept in a little bit that next morning and didn't take our serve pass. We were ready to play though. It was their senior night so we made sure we stayed warm while they were having their special time. (Thinking to myself there are only a few days before that is me? Wow! Crazy!) We won 3-0 and played better than we did the day before. Showered and got ready for our one hour bus ride to Orlando so we could go home!

At the airport we had dinner-Panda Express... POP... And ice cream (cookies-n-cream and Cookie dough). Then we started through security! Well... Most of us! Elly didn't get her boarding pass when we checked our bags in... And while she was there she found out that Rex’s bag didn't get her tag put on the bag she checked... Sooo... Yeah!? While Brandon was with her doing that (buddy system... kind of) Rex realized she didn't have the team bag she is in charge of during trips-- very important team bag! So she went back to see if she left it at the tables at the airport where we ate dinner at... Wasn't there? Nowhere to be found! So in our minds we were replaying events to see if we remembered where it was last... And we did... THE BENCH!!! So we found it and it was going to be sent to school on Monday :)... THANK GOODNESS! So our flight was delayed about 20 minutes! Let's just say it was about time to be in Nashville!!!

Back in Nashville- definitely nice to be back on Saturday night! We clinched the No. 1 spot in the A-Sun Tournament BUT still had one more match ahead of us! We had Belmont Tuesday-SENIOR NIGHT!!! Wahoo. It was a quick turn around... Especially when Monday came around 5 girls were sick and out of practice. It was very unexpected. But we still had practice on monday to get ready for Belmont! We knew we would be ready... No matter what was thrown at us! Film was good also!... And then my dad and grandma came :)

Tuesday finally came and I was in charge of getting some things around before my mom got into town. (Such as getting pictures developed) so I go to Walgreens and order pictures from the Kiosk. They said the pictures would be ready in about an hour. So dad, grandma, and I went to eat at Corky's. BBQ then back to Walgreens to get the pictures... Or so I thought. They weren't ready- of course and needed them by that night. Trying not to stress out I went to the airport to pick up my mom, sister, and brother :). Then off to another Walgreens to try to order the pictures! And back to school for pregame- while they took my car back to the hotel! Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich and a Banana with Peanut Butter. After that off to treatment and serve/pass!

I was ready to play again... And felt great that night! Right before the game we had our Senior night ceremony-- Elly, Tory, Meg, Alex, and I walked out with out family! We got BIG action shot pictures, a team jumping photo that the other girls signed and a gift card! :) Thank you very much everyone! We won 3-1 again Belmont... Making us A-Sun Regular Season Champs!

After the game we had a get together in the Hall of Fame room! We had cake, cookies, pop, and healthy stuff too of course! It was a lot of fun! A lot of the alumni came-thanks to y’all too! They told us we were getting close to "grandma status" not sure about that one!

But THANK YOU to all who made that night so special for us and who have been a part of our Lipscomb careers!

It was back to work on Thursday and Friday for practice! Time to get ready for the tournament! We turned it up a bit at practice and it went very well. There were some sloppy plays here and there but over all a good two day of practice!

We had the weekend off but had curfew in our own beds at 11:30 Friday and Saturday night so we could get some sleep and rest for the tournament. It wasn't time to mess around time to be focused. And on Sunday we had team roll out and stretch at 3p to get ready for a couple day of practice before heading out Wednesday morning for FLORIDA!

More to come soon (won't let you down-promise!) from Florida :)

Stefine "Jake" Pease is a senior setter and the A-Sun Player of the Year for 2010. She has been writing a journal this season providing a behind-the-scenes look at the Lady Bisons.