Jake's Journal: NCAA Tournament
Thursday, December 2, 2010
Jake's Journal: NCAA Tournament
We started out Wednesday going to class so we could stay as caught up on our work as possible but... Then we practiced from 12-1:30 before we left for Dayton!

Hello first round of the NCAA tournament. Practice started off with tennis... Upper vs.Lower and of course the UPPERS won! Oh yeah. We went hard today at practice getting stuff done before we left. Don't want to waste time to get better!

After practice Alan Williams (the author of Walk-On... The book we have all read) came to talk to us! He talked about staying in the moment! The team that can stay in the moment will succeed! Another thing that was pretty cool was he said when he was at Wake Forest, getting ready to go to the NCAA tournament, his coach brought out a piece of cardboard and had the Raleigh Invitational on it...-they went to Raleigh for their first round... With the four teams (including them) in a small bracket. Not looking at the BIG bracket- just winning this small tournament. He had a piece of cardboard with that on there... AND On the other side it has the "Dayton Invitation" with Ohio State, Lipscomb, Butler, and Dayton on it. It was pretty cool to think of it in that way- it is very true and a great way to look at it! We also got "Teammates Matter" T-shirts, his apparel company! They rock!

Then Dr. Kinzer came to talk to us and to pray for us before we left. I enjoying having Dr. Kinzer there to calm us and let us know people are thinking about us all the time.

Then Brandon made us get in the cold tube... BOOOOO and then it was shower time and time to EAT something! I was getting so hungry! We had Jimmy Johns. It was as we got on the bus. We ate and waited for everyone to settle in to take off to OHIO!

Guess who the bus driver was... CHEW! He rocks lol probably my favorite bus driver! He was going to take a few weeks off to go hunting with his friends in Mississippi... BUT he couldn't say no to his favorite group of girls :) he pushed the trip back a week so he could drive us! So sweet... I asked him if he was going to get in a tree stand when he went hunting? And if anyone knows who Chew is you should know the answer BUT... He said "haha NO!"

So maybe a question some of you have is... Are we ready to play? Or How do you think we match up against Ohio State?

Well... Here you go- We are ready to play YES! Not sure any other way to answer that question. Great weeks of practice leading up to this and what we are thinking about is volleyball! Not worrying about a whole lot and not letting anything get in our way of what we want. We just have to get through the hardest part... The day-and-a-half leading up to the match Friday night!

How do we match up?--- Well... My own opinion... I'm going to pick Lipscomb over anyone. We might be "smaller" but I think... Well I guess I know our hearts are bigger! THAT’S how we match up. But I think skill wise we match up very well! They are a good team and have some very talented girls but If we worry about our side I think it’s going to be a great game!

To answer those questions yourself... Friday at 5 p.m. CST you can find out :)

The bus trip was nice... The normal- everyone get in their bunks and crash out... Until dinner time in Cincinnati ! We ate at J Alexanders... Soooo good! And then back on the bus and back to sleep until we arrived in Dayton!

THURSDAY... Eat... Movie... Eat... Nap... Practice... Eat! :)

Hope you enjoy!

Stefine "Jake" Pease is a senior setter for the Lady Bisons and regularly writes a blog about the team and its experiences.