Caitlin's Corner: Behind the scene at USC Upstate and ETSU
Monday, October 8, 2012
Caitlin's Corner: Behind the scene at USC Upstate and ETSU

NASHVILLE, Tenn.-The Pack started our weekend adventure Thursday hopping on the sleeper bus and heading to USC Upstate. The long trip was full of naps, movie watching and homework- just your average 5.5 hour bus trip.

Upon arrival at our hotel, we noted that it looked like Michelangelo had been there and warmed up for his Sistine Chapel masterpiece by painting billowing clouds on the lobby ceiling. We all were pretty exhausted and went to bed knowing we had early morning practice. 

Friday morning we woke up and had a short and sweet practice at USC Upstate where we were awarded our new Dri-Fits. We go by the motto "look good, play good," and these new warm-ups definitely contributed to our already devilish good looks.

 On the bus we watched “Full House” (Ryan Daly's choice) and the timeless classic “Boy Meets World”.  Also, I am both ashamed and amazed at how much time we spent and even somewhat enjoyed watching YouTube videos of cats, courtesy of Brittnay Estes.  Seriously, there are millions of them!

 We then headed to Jimmy Johns to refuel our engines and were off to USC Upstate for our first game.

We were there pretty early and entertained ourselves by learning some self-defense from Jeff Wismer who found himself on the ground after scuffling with Rachel Reed who used her brute strength to overpower him. Looks like Will Osburn is doing his job well.  Our freshmen are beasts!

One thing that ETSU and USC Upstate had in common is the utterly ridiculous heat of their locker rooms. Both places felt as if we were sitting in Hades living room.  For the most part we are a team of sweater wearers - not a good combination. 

After sweeping USC Upstate, we loaded back on the bus and were treated with Jason's Deli- for all you Jason's rookies try dipping the cookies in the fruit dip, it’s heaven. We then let the bumps and winds of eastern Tennessee's roads lull us to two hours of sleep before arriving at our second hotel.

After sleeping in and a quick film session, we enjoyed Panera before pre-game, and then played our final game of the weekend- ETSU. After an intense and physical four-game set, we remain undefeated in conference play!

As already iterated- “when we do good, we get treats” and Brandon allowed us to go crazy. That’s right, we got the whole nine yards- fries, Coke AND milkshakes.

 A great ending to another long road trip!

See y'all at home next weekend. We LUV you!

-The Pack