Caitlin's Corner: LUV's legacy
Sunday, September 29, 2013
By Caitlin Dotson
Caitlin's Corner: LUV's legacy

Collegiate athletics is an ever-changing beast; there always is a glimmer of hope for every team in every situation.

 There are the miracle plays and the terrible blunders. There are the feisty underdogs and the stellar stars, but underneath it all, we are kids who love nothing more than to be exactly what we are - athletes.

This year, more than any year I have been at Lipscomb, the Atlantic Sun volleyball field has leveled out. There is no easy game- and that makes it stressful, but also fun.

 We lost to Jacksonville for the first time this weekend and they deserved it. Hats off to them because they taught us an important lesson - wins are earned, not given.

Even though it was our first loss to that team, I have no doubt in my team’s ability and potential. Lipscomb Volleyball has set a standard, and we have a reputation to uphold. We proudly wear the school’s name and want more than anything to keep our winning tradition alive.

I have been a part of the growth of LUV.  I have seen us move from the little dog with almost too much moxie to an animal with an appetite that others respect. Friday, we lost a bit of that tenacity.  We were humbled and that’s O.K.

This team plays because we love to win, we love to compete and we love each other. We have grit and a passion that binds us together. We believe in ourselves and in one another.

Moving forward in the conference we’re going to do a better job of honoring LUV’s legacy.

The core of this team is fire and we are going to let it run through our veins and ignite our collective heart. The rush of adrenaline you feel as you step on the court; the sense of accomplishment you get when you make that great play – all athletes live for that.  It’s not
about the rings or the fame- it’s the flame lit for the girl standing next to you, your love of the sport, the desire to succeed.

LUV is here to make a statement the rest of the season: we’re here and we won’t go down without an absolute dog fight, no matter what.

This week, we had a lot of things to LUV: our first plane trip of the season, Garner Goode being our surrogate coach,  a team shopping excursion, playing charades in the hotel, human bicycling at the airport (check our Facebook later for videos) and reading cat poems in
dramatic voices were all tops on the list.

We #CantWait to be back home for two weekends of matches in a row. We are looking forward to having Molly Spitznagle back on the court.  We can’t wait to see all of you as we once again ignite the fire and continue the LUV winning tradition!