Caitlin's Corner: Making memories in final season
Monday, October 21, 2013
By Caitlin Dotson
Caitlin's Corner: Making memories in final season

LUV has seen a lot of action in the past two weekends.  While we’re pleased with our record, I am becoming increasingly aware of how quickly the season is ticking away. 

Reflecting on my Lipscomb career, I think the part that I am most afraid of losing is the goose bumps.  Yes, I said the goose bumps – not the Halloween kind, but the ones that come from making a huge play or watching a teammate do something spectacular.

It’s that adrenaline rush that makes your hairs stand on end and comes with a true love of the game.  I get goose bumps watching pregame videos, and I can look around the locker room and see the same reaction from my teammates, a hype that is almost tangible as it circulates through us.

The excitement is an out of body joyful experience.  On the court, that feeling possesses you when you touch the ball perfectly and know you have complete control over it; complete command of it. It feels so right and electric; that sensation is something I have never found anywhere but on the court. 

So, I will miss the goose bumps – the kind you get when you are in the zone.  In the place where we, as players, all go when it is just you and the game.

We are exactly half way through conference play of my last season. I have found myself jealous of the freshmen who have so much time left, but I am so thankful for my experience as a Lady Bison.

The hourglass has officially tipped, and I am watching the grains of sand slip by.  I am so proud of our team and what we are accomplishing – it’s exactly what I was hoping for this last year.

Things we LUV’d these past couple of weeks include getting to be at home and playing in front of all the Bison fans for two weeks; an awesome beach trip and dinner at the Island Cow; Team FroYo for a weekend sweep against Kennesaw and Mercer; playing in front of  2,200 FGCU fans before “Dunk City After Dark”; Mrs. Ford’s pumpkin bars; and sprinting through the Orlando airport to catch our flight home.

Things we #CantWait for are playing at home again this weekend;  seeing the  Les Miserables production at Lipscomb; DQ treats for a Florida sweep;  Halloween YES festivities with the baseball team and mostly, round two of  A-Sun conference play.