Caitlin's Corner: Picturing Victory
Sunday, November 3, 2013
By Caitlin Dotson
Caitlin's Corner: Picturing Victory

Picture victory. Do you see Muhammad Ali dancing around the ring with his gloves up? Maybe you see a baseball team’s dog-pile atop the mound after the strikeout of a perfectly pitched game or confetti falling on a basketball court as a team hoists a trophy in the air.

For me, my image of victory is that moment when we clinch our spot in the ASUN tourney and ensure the chance to feel the supreme conference win.

Whatever you picture, when you see or experience that moment of victory you forget about the hardships and the let downs it took to get there. You revel in the feeling of relief and satisfaction. The tension in your muscles releases and electricity pulses through your fingers and toes to reignite your body. You forget fatigue and previous failures.

Victory is the ultimate personification of where exhaustion meets success. Victory thrives on the confrontation of challenges. To be victorious, you meet those challenges head on and refuse to be overcome. A real victory comes from a hard-fought battle. Abraham Lincoln lost eight elections before he was president, but no one remembers that.

Every player will tell you the fight is hard, but we’re chasing that moment of victory - always. Seasons are long and players get tired and worn down, appearing to approach their limit. But, limits, like so many things in life, are just an illusion. The early mornings, ice baths, long road trips and pulled muscles are just part of the path toward the ultimate goal.

During what is similar to the 7th inning stretch of our season, limits seem to be appearing around every corner, and we are taking each of them in stride. Together, we have yet to meet one that we cannot conquer.

Winning a weekend is always important, especially late in the season against teams who want nothing more than to beat us. The only thing more important than being hot is staying hot. The temperature is rising and luckily, we do fiery well!

Things we LUV’d this week: dressing as the Despicable Me cast for trunk or treat (check our FB page for pictures), a surprise Monday off day, clinching our tournament spot, Halloween dress up on the bus, the less than scary Halloween movie (we do NOT recommend Apartment 1303, don’t be fooled just because Mischa Barton is on the cover), the support from the Lipscomb Women’s Soccer team at Kennesaw and getting to return the favor for their first ASUN tourney game where Brittnay Estes provoked a fight with the opposing crowd, and mainly the XC championships- congrats to all you amazing runners, we don’t know how you do it, seriously, you guys are crazy.

We #CANTWAIT for LU Les Miz, Jewell Dobson’s rap video to debut in chapel, a big weekend on the road which includes our last game ever at ETSU and for our fellow Fall sports to keep up the domination.